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Model a Community of Inclusion
Strategic Direction

Integrate and assess the compositional, educational, programmatic, and structural diversity necessary to develop an officer corps and workforce capable of thriving in a dynamic global environment. 

Action Items

  • Attract and Retain Highly Talented and Diverse Cadets, Faculty, and Staff: Incorporate LEAD and the Inclusive Excellence Models to develop and promote an equity paradigm within the academic, military, and athletic domains. Develop and deploy an Equity Scorecard to identify what a critical mass looks like for a demographically diverse cadet corps, faculty, and staff. Secure appropriate resources to establish effective practices commensurate with attaining equitable outcomes across all domains. 

  • Enhance a Performance-Based Inclusive Environment: Enhance and improve a culture and climate that value a broad spectrum of skills and perspectives ensuring a safe, supportive, and rewarding learning environment for all who serve. The Office of Inclusion & Diversity will leverage climate assessment tools – such as Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS), Defense Manpower Data Center Gender Survey (DMDC), Equity Scorecard, and cadet data (including Cadets Against Sexual Assault [CASA] and the Diversity Council’s focus-group sessions)—to identify cadet concerns and formulate actionable responses. The Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC), a cross-functional team composed of staff elements from all parts of the Academy, will conduct similar culture and climate focus group sessions with faculty and staff. 

  • Develop Culturally Competent Leaders: Examine the 200-week cadet program for opportunities to incorporate curricular and experiential elements that promote interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and international competencies linked to Coast Guard missions. Utilize cross-functional teams (IEC and Equity Officers) to engage cadets, faculty, and staff in a range of experiential opportunities designed to enhance team performance and empathic decision-making competencies through exchange programs and curricular and co-curricular venues. Broaden personal and professional networks to ensure workforce flexibility and capability in a dynamic global environment.