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Operations Research and Computer Analysis Capstone Projects
All cadets majoring in Operations Research and Computer Analysis take a project-oriented capstone course during the spring semester of their senior year. It is an opportunity for the cadets to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Cadets can work individually or as part of a team on projects submitted by various Coast Guard units. The cadets are required to work with project sponsors to define the problem to be investigated and to use the appropriate statistical, operations research, and computer techniques to solve the problem. These projects continue to benefit the Coast Guard at large by attacking problems encountered across the fleet and by strengthening the connectivity between the Academy and the service. Recent cadet projects include:

  • African Maritime Security and Safety (MSS) Capacity-Building Performance Measurement Framework
  • Analysis of 225’ Seagoing Buoy Tender Resource Allocation
  • Analysis of USCG Post-Graduate Advanced Education Program Applicant Selection and Diversity
  • Coast Guard Recruiting Command Enlisted Recruit Quality Analysis
  • USCG First District Smarter Living Marine Resources Analysis
  • USCG Academy Academic Room Scheduling Optimization
  • USCG Academy Wind Analysis Investigating the Feasibility of Renewable Energy
  • USCG Promotion Zone Forecasting Calculator
  • USCG Critical Rate Management Intervention Analysis