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Membership in the Center for Advanced Studies is open to all employees of the Coast Guard Academy. Volunteers serve on one of the various subcommittees engaged in furthering the goals of the CAS.

Leadership of the Center for Advanced Studies: 

  • Director – Dr. Joshua Gray
  • Summer Fellowship Chairperson – Dr. Lucy Vlietstra
  • Grants Co-Chairpersons – Dr. Eric Page and LCDR Royce James
  • Lunchtime Seminar Chairperson – Dr. Elizabeth Rivero and Dr. Karina Mrakovcich
  • Publicity Chairperson – Ms. Lucia Maziar
  • Scholarship Award Co-Chairpersons – Dr. Sam Wainright and Dr. Paul Crilly

Members of the Center for Advanced Studies: 

  • Dr. Lorraine Allen
  • Dr. Deanna Bergondo
  • LCDR Joseph Brown
  • Dr. Paul Crilly
  • LT Brian Crimmel
  • Dr. Tooran Emami
  • Dr. Glenn Frysinger
  • LT Victoria Futch
  • Dr. Joshua Gray
  • CDR Gregory Hall
  • Dr. Richard Hartnett
  • Dr. Lynn Hatch
  • LCDR Anna Hickey
  • Dr. Hudson Jackson
  • LCDR Royce James
  • Dr. Kathleen Jernquist
  • LT Briana Jewczyn
  • Dr. Melissa Matthes
  • Ms. Lucia Maziar
  • Dr. Jillian McLeod
  • Dr. Karina Mrakovcich
  • LT Mariette Ogg
  • Dr. Eric Page
  • Dr. Ali Reza
  • Mr. Trevor Riley
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rivero
  • LCDR Kelly Seals
  • Dr. Susan Swithenbank
  • Dr. Kassim Tarhini
  • Dr. Lucy Vlietstra
  • Dr. Sam Wainright
  • Dr. Alina Zapalska

If interested in serving as part of the Center for Advanced Studies, please contact Dr. Joshua Gray.