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LT Nicolle Bogden
I chose to join the Coast Guard because, as a teenager, I knew I didn’t want to attend a traditional college or university. I felt an intrinsic desire to serve my country. The more I learned about the USCGA, the more I fell in love with the school, as well as the service. I decided to apply to the Academy and was offered a spot in the Scholars program. The rest is history!

After graduation, I spent three years working on cutters, and was often involved in migrant and drug interdictions. Growing up watching the news, I admired the servicemen and women who were on scene – whether a natural disaster or a drug raid. Now, I was one of those people. I was strapping on a gun belt and jumping onto a boat that we suspected was hiding drugs; I was driving a cutter to Cuba to drop off migrants. It was intense work, but extremely important and highly rewarding!

Now, I am working within the Logistics Department as deputy to the Head of Logistics. The Logistics Department is comprised of four divisions: Administration, Finance, Engineering, and Armory. My responsibilities range from managing payroll to receiving work requests for small boats and cutters and ensuring that repairs are made. If the Coast Guard is a clock, then the Logistics Department is the gears working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly and correctly in the service.

Logistics may not be as exciting as capturing perpetrators or flying helicopters, but our department makes it possible to perform our missions. I truly love working in Logistics because I get to work with people and help improve their lives. I find it rewarding to see people walk out of my office with smiles on their faces because I helped fix a problem. On both large and small scales, I know that my role in Logistics is making a difference in my community and my country.

  LT Nicolle Bogden
LT Nicolle Bogden
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
31 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320
Tel: (860) 701-6395