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Frequently Asked Questions - Standardized Tests
Q:  How does the Coast Guard Academy treat my test scores?
A:  It may be advantageous for you to take the SAT or ACT more than once. If you take an exam multiple times, we will calculate your total from the highest score in each category. For example, if you take the SATs in December and again in May your scores may vary by category.

  December  May 
  650 Math   660 Math
  630 Critical Reading 610 Critical Reading

We will use the 660 Math and the 630 Critical Reading in the consideration of your file for admission to the Academy. 

Q:  What are the average standardized test scores for entering students?
A:   In recent years, the average SAT I math score has been about 650 and critical reading score has been about 620. Cadets in the 25th to 75th percentile of their class usually score between 1230 and 1350. The average ACT composite score has been 27.

Q:  Do you accept extended time or untimed SAT or ACT scores?
A:  A. Yes. However, at least one set of SAT or ACT scores without any form of accommodations must be on file.

Q:  Do you require SAT II scores?
A:  No. But if you've taken the SAT II, the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board will consider that information when your application is reviewed.

Q:   I am taking an SAT/ACT test with the test date prior to the application deadline; however, it is very close to the deadline. Will you still use those scores?
A:   If you have not taken the SAT/ACT before, notify your Admissions Officer. If you have taken the SAT/ACT previously, we will be able to finalize your application.

Q:  I am taking an SAT/ACT test with the test date after the application deadline. Will you still use these scores?
A:   If you have not taken the SAT/ACT before January 15, we will not be able to review your file. If you have previously taken the SAT/ACT, please notify your Admissions Officer. We will be able to update your application with the latest scores if your file has not yet been reviewed.

If you did not find the answers to your Admissions questions, please ask us directly.