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Physical Fitness Exam
The Physical Fitness Exam (PFE) is a required application item measuring your physical aptitude. It is the same exam taken by cadets at the Academy and consists of three elements worth a maximum score of 100 points each and must be administered in the following sequence:
  1. Cadence Push-Ups (Audio file)  
  2. Two-Minute Sit-Ups  
  3. 1.5 Mile Run 

A minimum score of 130 points is required for admission to the Academy and applicants must identify their PFE Administrator when applying to the Academy. You can download the PFE Instruction Manual to help you prepare now for the exam. Please be aware that this is different from the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) and must be completed separately.

If you would like advice on how to prepare physically for the Academy, download the Physical Fitness Guide. You should always consult your physician before starting a physical fitness program.

IMPORTANT: In addition to completing a PFE during the application process, the PFE will also be administered during the first week of Swab Summer. Cadets who fail to score at least 130 points will be recommended for disenrollment. Cadets who fail to score at least 165 points by the end of Swab Summer will be placed on Fitness Probation and receive remedial physical training. Cadets who fail to score at least 165 points by the end of their first semester will be recommended for disenrollment.