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Two Minute Curl-Ups
1.  Equipment: Examiners will need a mat and a stop watch. 
2.  Personnel: One examiner to time and additional examiners to call infractions. Each cadet taking the test will need a recorder to count the number of correctly executed curl-ups and to hold the feet of cadet. 
3.  Description: (Examiner Read Description) Assume the back lying position with the knees flexed so that the feet are flat on the floor and 8-12 inches from the buttocks, and the arms across the chest with the hands grasping the shirt at the shoulders. On the "GO" the sit-up shall be executed by curling up so that the elbows touch the thighs in the up position and the back of the shoulders touch the mat in the down position. Repeat as many times as possible in a period of two (2) minutes. 
4.  Points for Examiners: If the cadet does any of the following: (1) removes his or her hand(s) from the shoulder(s), (2) permits the arms to swing away from the body during the curl-up, (3) fails to touch the thigh in the up position, or (4) fails to return to the full lying position with the back of the shoulders touching the floor, the examiner will say out loud "NO" and the recorder will not count the curl-up that was performed incorrectly. 
5.  Scoring: The recorder will write down the maximum number of properly executed curl-ups the cadet performs in the two (2) minute period on the official score sheet.