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cadet blogs

Winter is (Almost) Here

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Mills Photo It has gotten terribly cold terribly quickly. I will be experiencing my first fall this year and though the trees are beautiful I can’t say the same for the declining temperature. A lot of events have been going on in the month of October. We had Homecoming and the fourth class were granted modified carry-on for the week, which was a nice. We then received our midterms and I’m glad most of my shipmates and I are on track. I was also fortunate enough to take a trip to Canada with the Windjammers over the weekend! We went to Sherbrook, Quebec and it was so fascinating to see how cultures can be so different from just a quick drive over the border. The majority of the people there spoke French. Thankfully my fellow Windjammer Abby speaks some French so she was our translator for the weekend. We had some really good food and had a great time bonding as a team.


My favorite event in October was Halloween. It is my favorite holiday and the Corps of Cadets went all out for it. We had pumpkin carving contests, costume contests and a wonderful themed dinner. After dinner we were allowed to trick or treat or just hang out and explore the decorations in Chase Hall. It was a very successful day, and it was so great to see all my shipmates’ costumes because most of us had to pull random items from our rooms to put together a costume for Halloween.


This semester is really flying by; I didn’t believe it when the upperclassmen said it would but they were right. Thanksgiving leave is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see my family again!



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Busy Fall at the Academy

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Ledzian Photo Fall here at the Academy is fantastic and comparable to winter back home in Florida. The most noticeable exception is the vast range of colors, from a bright yellow to a deep red and every shade in between. The scenery is beautiful. In the last month I have been very busy with school but have also managed to have a lot of fun. I have found that if I make it a priority to have fun on the weekends I will be in a better mindset to tackle the school week. I helped set up the Haunted Clinic for Halloween. This is when the Academy’s clinic becomes a haunted house for the night. I also visited the Cider Mill and bought apple cider and their apple cider doughnuts. I highly recommend both of them, they were delicious!


My first cross country season at the Academy is also coming to an end. I have run better than I ever imagined with an 8K personal record of 27:46 and I am very happy as a member of the team. Despite the fun things I do on the weekends, the academics here are very tough and the days are tiring, but the weeks are flying by! I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving leave!



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