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cadet blogs

A Day in Boston

(Just for Fun, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Miller Photo I’m already more than halfway through the first semester, and I have no idea how I got here so quickly. I’ve been staying busy between school, crew, clubs, and military obligations. But I’ve also managed to have some fun—this past Saturday, I went to Boston with one of my friends. It was an…. interesting experience. I’ve never actually been to Boston before, and neither had my friend, so we had no clue what to do. We ended up going to Harvard Square and walking up and down the Charles River, where the Head of the Charles (a major rowing event) was taking place. The varsity team was there, so we spent a few hours trying to find some of my friends who were at it. Unfortunately, we didn’t find them, but we enjoyed just being out in the real world and wearing civvies. It actually kind of felt weird to wear jeans.


We also met up with a Harvard freshman who is friends with someone we both know at the Academy. We ended up going to a Mexican place that seemed like an elite version of Chipotle, and enjoyed some of the food there. Then, Sam and I took a subway back to Boston and wandered around there for a bit. Boston was actually a little sketchy, since it was dark and there weren’t too many people there. We did find a good frozen yogurt place, which was nice. I know that we both wished we could have spent the night in Boston or Harvard Square, but since we had to stand duty the next day (which meant that we had to be back by 7:15 Sunday morning), we had to catch the 9:30 p.m. train. By that point, we were both tired as a result of cleaning for formal room and wing the night before and just from the long week. On the train ride home, we both slept.


Of course, as soon as we got back to the Academy, we felt awake, and ended up hanging out in the Bravo Dayroom with another 4/c, who, incidentally was the friend of the freshman at Harvard. We were later joined by a 1/c, who was interesting to listen to, because his ramblings kind of had meaning in them.


I finally went to bed around three, kind of out of it… It had been a long day. But overall, it was good— it was nice just getting out of New London for a few hours.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the Academy, feel free to email me at!


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College Carnival

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Wu Photo After a while, the days at the Academy blur together as if you have been spinning around and around on the Teacups at the carnival. Mid-terms have already past and the Corps of Cadets are working toward Thanksgiving, hoping we can last on this teacup ride, and hold on without getting sick; hoping the world will stop spinning enough for us to catch our breath. The college carnival scene is very much like the ones we go to back home where the Pirate Ship is full of ups and downs, where we experience the same queasy feeling in our stomachs that we have on the ride when we are about to take an exam. Pop quizzes also seem to occur at the Academy as spontaneously as kernels pop at a popcorn booth. The whole experience at the Academy is like being on a Ferris Wheel – there are so many views you can have of this place and it all depends on where you are on the giant wheel. As a 4/c, you start at the bottom, just getting on the ride, taking a seat, and joining the Corps of Cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy. At the start of 3/c year, you feel on top of the world, seeing the whole purpose of the Academy and having the privilege of no longer being a 4/c. However, the academics sneak up on the majority of 3/c as we slowly descend and slump into a narrower view of simply trying to pass classes, do well on exams, and survive past the semester’s finals. Although, our view is limited and approaching the bottom can tempt us to get off, the Ferris Wheel keeps moving. The college carnival can really be tiring and at times you just want to Whack-A-Regulation, but like all carnivals, the Academy life is predictable. All the rides and games are expected and in the end, we will be walking out of this college carnival with a prize: a diploma and a pair of Ensign stripes on our uniform.


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Closer to the Goal

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Hirst Photo Wow—it’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of October! Life at the Academy has become much more routine, which is good in many ways, yet bad in some others. I say it can be bad because it’s somewhat easy to just go through the motions with things. It’s good because things are more predictable. I’m able to look ahead and see what’s going to be tough throughout the week—granted, as a fourth class you never know what can be thrown at you instantaneously. Those kinds of things are just something you learn to deal with. No matter what, you will make mistakes; however, you can’t hold them over your head. Every day is one day closer to the end goal.


Anyway, the weeks here have varied. It seems like I’ll get a rather smooth week, then the next week follows with ridiculous amounts of homework, tests, and essays. Taking it one day at a time makes things a lot easier and it all goes by rather quickly. Like I said, I can’t believe things have gone by this fast. Yes, in the midst of all the work it seems slow, but when I actually step back and think about things, the time has flown. Still, the Academy remains the best opportunity out there.


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Fall Sports Update

(Athletics, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Subramanian Photo As we approach two months into school, my morale has never been higher. As a huge Coast Guard sports fan, there is so much to brag about with our school competing at the intercollegiate level. Where do I even begin?


The football team is one win from securing a .500 season, a feat that was deemed near impossible at the beginning of the year. I have been to every home game, and I am proud to say I sit next to WR Collis Brown in Leadership class and LB Joel Wyman is my partner in a Materials project.


The volleyball team is successful as expected. The team made their schedule difficult this year to face high-quality opponents, traveling to Maine, New Jersey, even Chicago! They will be 4th seed going into the NEWMAC Tournament, and will host one home game.


Men’s soccer has been great. The goalkeeper is Richie Burns, a classmate of mine, and has had a great season. They are 11-5-1, a totally surprising record, and almost had a chance to bring the NEWMAC Tournament to the Academy. Their best result has to be the win over Kings Point 3-1, a victory against MMA for the first time since 1999! Even though they lost to Babson to end the regular season, they enter the post-season confident on their chances to succeed. No matter the result, they will be proud of the amazing record they put up this year.


In club sports, men’s rugby is undefeated entering the post-season, and women’s rugby is also doing great, winning their last game 84-0. In boxing, six boxers competed versus West Point in the Freedom Fights in Cheshire, Connecticut. With a 3-3 result, the highlight of the night was 3/c Taylor Tennyson knocking out his opponent in the second round. Men’s water polo qualified for Nationals, a first in school history!


I am very excited to see how the post-season in all fall sports ends up. I know that the Bears will do well all-around. For the record, winter sports are also right around the corner. Bears swimming had their first meet last weekend and the men’s basketball team has their pre-season opener versus Division I University of Rhode Island this Friday. It is said to be the biggest arena that most of the Bears players will have ever played in!


That is all I have for a sports update. I will write again soon.


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Hurricane Sandy

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Ellis Photo As you all probably know, Hurricane Sandy decided to direct her course into New Jersey. The eye made landfall about 15 miles from my house where there was 3 to 5 feet of flooding. Trees were knocked down and power is out. My family and my house are okay, but there is a lot of damage. On Long Beach Island, there was a mandatory evacuation. The National Guard and The Coast Guard were out rescuing people all Monday and Tuesday. When I called my dad he told me that there were people who did not make it out in time.


Before coming to the Academy, I knew I wanted to help people; I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. This desire has amplified now that a disaster as big as this one has hit my hometown. I feel helpless right now; I wish I were at home so that I could help my family and my neighbors. This is why I joined the Coast Guard, so that could I help people to ensure that they are safe. One day, I hope that I can make a difference in someone’s life.


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