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cadet blogs

Second Half of the Summer

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link
Quintero Photo The second half of my 1/c summer has been very eventful. I had the opportunity to be a part of two different drug cases where there were narcotics on Venezuelan vessels. It was great finally getting an opportunity to do drug interdiction in the Caribbean. This mission is a more serious one in the Coast Guard because it can cause international incidents or put people in harm’s way. The personnel on the cutter I was on were very professional and took the mission seriously every step of the way. During the second part of the summer I was also able to do some migrant interdiction on the west coast of Puerto Rico. We encountered both Dominicans and Cubans. It was an unbelievable experience and unreal to think that people are willing to navigate that many miles in dangerous waters to get a chance of going to the United States. When we weren’t carrying out the mission, then we would enjoy some port calls. I got to drive the cutter into other islands in the Caribbean like St. Thomas, St. Croix and Tortola. We actually got to spend a couple of days in St. Thomas where we went to the beach and I met up with an old Academy friend who lives in St. Thomas now. I was on other islands that are unknown to people that aren’t Caribbean locals and saw some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, in part because they were so far removed from society. It was an overall great experience on a cutter based out of Puerto Rico.


I also spent about four weeks of that summer in Sector San Juan because the boat was experiencing a crew change so they needed to train other personnel and it exceeded the cutter’s maximum holding capacity. A lot of the jobs I did at sector were not as exciting as those on a cutter. My time at the sector included working in an office environment and doing paperwork; although I did have the opportunity to inspect containers that came from all over the world into Puerto Rico. The Coast Guard has the authority to inspect all the containers in the port for drugs, immigrants and other illegal substances. We didn’t find any contraband although there were a lot of random things to be found in the containers such as Styrofoam cups, mountain bikes, baseballs, plastic forks, etc. The good thing about working at sector is that the job is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for most of the days and then you are able to go home. So it is just like any other job anywhere else. This time off gave me the opportunity to go out and explore Puerto Rico with my shipmates.


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Hola. Muy Feliz Ano Nuevo 2014

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Tress Salvatori PhotoLes deseo mucho éxito, salud y felicidad para este nuevo año. Después de un largo semestre en la academia con todas sus altas y bajas por fin logre cumplir con el objetivo: pasar el semestre y disfrutar de un merecido descanso. Es triste haber regresado a la academia pero a la vez me da mucha felicidad el haber disfrutado de mis vacaciones en México en compañía de mis familiares y amigos.


Les contare un poco de las tradiciones en México durante este periodo vacacional tan especial. Estas fechas todo mundo se rodea de familiares y amigos para disfrutar de comida navideña exquisita y para divertirse a lo máximo. Para antes de Navidad hacemos algo llamado Posadas. Las Posadas comienzan el 16 de diciembre de cada año y concluyen el día de Navidad. Su objetivo es prepararnos para la Navidad. En ellas se pide posada, simulando como la Virgen María y José pedían un lugar donde pasar la noche para que naciera el niño Jesús, se cantan los villancicos, se rompen piñatas y se distribuyen los aguinaldos. Se disfrutan con ponche de frutas, dulces, frutas y comida de temporada. Para la celebración de año nuevo, tradicionalmente la pasamos en familia donde disfrutamos de una rica cena con pavo, ensalada de manzana, pierna, puré de manzana, bacalao, chiles chipotles, entre otros. En la cuenta final para comenzar el año nuevo es tradicional el comer doce uvas. Estas uvas representan cada mes del año nuevo que comienza en donde al comerlas cada quien pide un deseo que quisiera cumplir para el nuevo año.


Mis vacaciones en particular fueron muy especiales, ya que tuve la oportunidad de reunirme con toda mi familia, mi mejor amiga de la escuela naval, mis amigos y amigas de la escuela naval y de visitar: la ciudad de México, Puebla, Córdoba, Orizaba y Veracruz. Disfrute mucho de la compañía de mi mejor amiga de la escuela naval: Luz del Carmen Urista Mendoza. Ella y yo hemos sido amigas desde que empezamos el proceso para formar parte de la escuela naval. Hemos sido compañeras en los buenos y malos momentos. Hemos crecido juntas logrando día a día nuestras metas. Así mismo disfrute de grandes momentos con mis papas y mi hermano. Ellos estaban felices de verme pero más se en contentaron cuando les di todos los regalos que les lleve de la Coast Guard. Compartí mis experiencias con mis compañeros de la escuela naval al mismo tiempo que los acompañaba de regreso a mi antigua escuela. Por otro lado disfrute de las fiestas navideñas en compañía de mis primos, tíos y abuelos. Fue una experiencia única el aprender a cocinar la cena navideña con mi abuela materna.


Fue triste dejar mi país otra vez y encaminarme a un nuevo semestre en la academia pero valió la pena. Estas vacaciones me recordaron todas aquellas personas por las que ahora estoy aquí y por las cuales día a día me levanto y doy lo mejor de mí. Mis metas, mi familia y mis amigos son el motor que me impulsan hacia el éxito. Eso es algo que nunca debemos olvidar, ya que en los momentos difíciles es fácil dejar de intentar y rendirse. Doy gracias a Dios por haber repuesto mi ánimo y haberme dado la solución para minimizar mis penas y seguir adelante.



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Hello. Happy New Year 2014

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Tress Salvatori PhotoI wish you success, health and happiness for this new year. After a long semester at the Coast Guard Academy, with its highs and lows, I finally achieved my objective: I carried out the semester and enjoyed a well-deserved rest. I feel sad being back at the Academy but at the same time I was very happy to have been able to enjoy my leave in Mexico surrounded by my family and friends.


I am going to tell you a little bit about the traditions in Mexico for this very special time of the year. During these days everybody is surrounded by family and friends with whom you enjoy delicious Christmas food and to have lots of fun. Before Christmas we do something called Posadas. The Posadas start every December 16th of the year and ends on Christmas day. Its objective is to prepare us for Christmas. The main activity is to ask Posada, by simulating being Virgin Mary and Joseph when they were looking for a place where Jesus could be brought to Earth. We sing villancicos, break piñatas and distribute aguinaldos. We enjoy fruit punch, candies, fruits and Mexican food. For the New Year’s party, we traditionally spend the night in surrounded by our family where we enjoy a delicious dinner with turkey, an apple salad, ham, apple sauce, cod, chipotles chili, etc. For the final countdown to begin the New Year, we traditionally eat twelve grapes. Every grape represents each month of the new year where we wish something we want to accomplish this year.


My vacations were pretty special because I had the opportunity to gather with all my family, my best friend from the Mexican naval academy, my other friends from the Mexican naval academy and to visit Mexico City, Puebla, Cordoba, Orizaba and Veracruz. I enjoyed the company of my best friend, Luz del Carmen Urista Mendoza. She and I have been friends since we started the selection process to attend the Mexican naval academy. We have been partners during the good and bad times. We grew up together achieving our goals day by day. At the same time, I enjoyed really good times with my parents and my brother. They were really happy of being with me but they got even happier with all the Coast Guard presents I bought for them. I shared my experiences with my friends from the Mexican Naval Academy while I joined them in their way back to my old academy. On the other hand, I enjoyed a lot the Christmas Holiday’s parties surrounded by my cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. It was a unique experience learning how to cook the Christmas dinner with my Grandmother from my mother’s side.


It was really sad to have to leave my country once again and make my way to a new semester at the Academy but it was worth it. These vacations reminded me of all the people for who I am here now and for whom I wake up every day and give the best of myself. My goals, my family and my friends are the fuel that encourages me to succeed. That is something we should never forget, because when hard times occur it is really easy to stop trying and quit. I thank God for bringing me back to my faith and for giving me the solution to minimize my difficulties and to keep on going.



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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Cardoza Photo Once I came back from winter break, I was prepared to hit the ground running when it came to MAP week and schoolwork. MAP week is comprised of different trainings and military tests that we need to attend and pass before the semester begins. This MAP week, I finally reached my goal of receiving a blue star for the spring semester Physical Fitness Exam! In order to receive a blue star, you need to get at least a 270 on the PFE and I passed with a 272.


After that, the first school week of the semester passed by with no problems at all! I really think that I am going to enjoy my classes this semester and hopefully I can increase my GPA even more than it has been in the past couple of semesters. One of my teachers made it a point to tell us to open our eyes this semester and see how good we have it. We could be unemployed and thousands of dollars in debt if we were attending a different university. I have always appreciated what I have at the Academy. Being surrounded by so many amazing friends and mentors, I am extremely grateful and honored to be here, and I can’t wait for this semester to truly get started in the next few weeks!


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