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cadet blogs

A Night to Remember

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Chavarria-Aguilar Photo After being at the Academy for so long now, I feel like many of the people here are just a part of one big family. For me, this includes not only the great Class of 2015, but also the folks in the Class of 2014 - our beloved firsties. Due to my whole prep-school escapade, I am a year behind and would have been a part of their class had I received an appointment immediately after high school. However, my time down at Marion Military Institute did not quell my relationship with these folks and I think AIM helped with that. As their final chapter at the Academy comes to a close, I cannot help but to feel like I am losing a huge chunk of what makes this place so wonderful. But enough of that dismal nostalgia; this blog entry is meant to preserve the joy that 2014 has brought to my life and to the Academy as a whole.


I had the fortune to attend Castle Dance with 1/c Gus Manzi last night, and boy what a bash it was. Everyone looked absolutely stunning, the ladies in their gowns and all the gentlemen in their handsome “whites.” They had a band that played all the right music, a hilarious poem presented by Treston Taylor and Andrew Heaney, the most divine selection of food that a mere cadet could ask for, and a Coldplay song that was sung by the one and only Jerry Hong. We had so much fun just dancing the night away. Good times were had by all. To the Class of 2014, I will always treasure my memories with you and am excited to see you off into your bright futures. It’s people like you all that make this place bearable when all surely seems lost. Stay classy, dear 2014.



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Those Nice Winter Days…

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Miller Photo A few weeks ago, my classmate and former roommate 3/c Sarah Kukich posted about the best ways to survive winter at the Academy. Since the first day of spring was a few days ago, I think it’s only appropriate that I give ten reasons why winter at the Academy is actually pretty good (would it make more sense to write why spring is good at the Academy? Maybe, but winter is underappreciated).


10. Temperatures inside Chase Hall actually become bearable.
My room in Chase is ridiculously hot and even when it’s snowing, the window is open. The colder it is outside, the closer to room temperature my room comes.


9. Drinking hot beverages such as tea and coffee is more normal.
I drink a lot of tea and coffee, but it’s more acceptable to do it when it’s about 25 degrees outside than when it’s 85.


8. Watching movies is more acceptable.
If it’s nice out in New London, it’s kind of an obligation to not stay in your room. But when the sky is grey and the temperature is cold, watching movies is the thing to do. I’ve watched more movies this semester than I normally do in a year, and sadly that’s not an exaggeration.


7. It isn’t hot outside.
New London in the summer is the worst—it’s hot and humid.


6. You can think about how nice the summer is.
As opposed to actually having summer and hating almost every second of it.


5. Bridge coats and parkas are actually sort of necessary.
Here at the Academy, when we’re told to wear bridge coats (giant sleeping bags pretending to be coats) and parkas, we have to wear them. The colder it is, the more useful they are.


4. Snow.
It’s fantastic.


3. Sledding in the snow.
I remember doing this as the 4/c and it was probably one of the highlights of that year.


2. Snowball fights.
4/c bonding, especially when it was 4/c vs. the upper-class.


1. Snow days.
In the battle between spring and winter, winter wins because no matter how spring-like it is outside during spring, you don’t get a day off.



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Rants on Rants on Rants

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Zwenger Photo So, sorry I missed the month of January but I became pretty busy last months and decided to do some self-reflecting while I was at it. Anyway, I guess I’ll start off by talking about school. Just like last semester I am taking mainly civil engineering classes, which is a blessing because I pulled out my best GPA last semester. This semester I am taking Environmental Engineering II, Steel Design, Soil Mechanics, Criminal Justice, and Nautical Science III. I have come to absolutely love the civil engineering department and all of the teachers that teach them. Doc Z and Doc Maz have been pretty inspirational especially whenever they give insight into the work that they did in the field. If I graduate, I plan to attempt to get into graduate school and get my masters; part of my drive to do this can be attributed to the phenomenal teachers we have here. Having said that, if you have any desire to become a civil engineer I would highly highly suggest coming to this fine institution. Alright, so enough school talk, I’m around that all the time anyway, BUT if you have questions about civil engineering or school in general email me.


Some of the self-reflecting that I had was on my past and how fortunate I am to have the parents that I have today. Instead of taking the yearly vacation to go to the beach, camping, or skiing, we would go on vacations to different countries. Which I think is one of the best parenting decisions they made for my sister and me. We went to many places as a family such as Japan and China multiple times. Additionally they let us go places with a group such as People to People (do they still exist?) to Australia and New Zealand or my soccer team to play against the Brazilians. Anyway, this definitely instilled a huge desire to travel to different places on the globe and see as much as I can in my entire lifetime. In the past couple of years, I had become pretty complacent about obtaining that goal which upsets me a little bit so I am trying to plan something this summer. “But how can you travel all over the place when you are so young with such little money?” you may be asking. Well, I plan to live out of one backpack and only stay in hostels or do some couch surfing (not familiar? Look it up!) while I am over in Europe. Additionally, buses are super cheap ways of getting from country to country over there so I will definitely be utilizing that. Currently I am looking for a travel buddy here at the Academy so I will see how that turns out in the next couple of months. Worst case scenario, I will travel solo, which is safe for those of you concerned already. Although it scares the life out of me being a pretty large introvert, from all the blogs that I have read it is extremely life changing for the good. Also, I think a huge way to grow is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and having to make the best of it. It bores and even scares me to think about doing the same thing every day for the rest of my life; for that reason, I hope to never have a typical nine to five job. It is way too redundant and leaves you no room to grow, I would much rather have adventure in my job and off time that have what has been called a “stable nine to five job.” Sorry now I am just ranting. Anyways if you want to talk about anything else I just wrote about or if you just need someone to talk to, shoot me an email. 


Seriously, it helps me get my mind away from this place anyway. Hope to hear from you.


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