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cadet blogs

From Boards to Summer Assignments

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Pourmonir Photo Carry-on? No not yet. We are still waiting, which is excruciatingly painful, by the way. All of 2017 has passed boards now. Which is not as hard as everyone makes it seem. I studied the week before and took it pretty seriously, and passed with an 8 out of 10 on my first shot. It’s possible. I mean it is a lot of questions and a lot of history, but if you take it every chance you have, you will pass. Passing is the best feeling, too. I gained the privilege of writing on my whiteboard and listening to music out loud, which is something you begin to appreciate when you realize how much easier life is. We got wardroom carry-on, so we can look at our food now. The best thing though is that we found out our summer assignments.


This summer I will be stationed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I will be going with four other people from my company, including my best friend and old roommate Rachel Seaman. We will be able to get pepper sprayed and get other small boat qualifications. The experience will be awesome, and I can’t wait to keep you guys updated on how everything goes. Finals are approaching fast, so I’ll see you all soon. (:



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How Much I've Changed

(Academics, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2014) Permanent link
Mason Photo I thought moving into my last semester here at the Academy would be overwhelming, but it’s just been exciting so far! I can’t believe I’ve actually reached this point. When I look back to 4th class year, it seems like both forever ago and just yesterday. It’s mind-blowing to see how much I’ve changed from then to now.


The greatest event of my month was the Community Service Recognition Dinner. I was asked to speak about my mission trip to Haiti last year for spring break, and it was so wonderful to revisit those memories and share my experiences. I also spoke about my work with the Big Brother/Big Sister program, which unfortunately lost funding in this region. So I’ve decided to start up a new Community Service/Mentoring program here at the Academy that connects cadets with children from local schools in need of a positive influence in their lives. So far I’ve worked mainly with Winthrop Elementary, which is right next door to the Academy, but I think that they will keep us busy with plenty of kids in need of a buddy!


This semester I don’t have very much work that is specific to my major. The only class I have that is related to Civil Engineering is my Capstone class, which provides us with time to work on our senior projects. For my group’s project we will be redesigning an Engineering Facilities building at Coast Guard Base San Juan! That means we will get to take a trip down there next month. I can’t wait!


Only a few more months left here. I hope to make them great ones!



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