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cadet blogs

Pilgrim Prom

(Just for Fun, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Kukich Photo In high school, April was the month to go prom dress shopping, order the corsage, plan where pictures would be taken. But in college, April is a month crammed with projects and exams…so much seems to come at once that, as cadets, we forget about the social life around us. The Academy however remedies this problem ensuring each cadet attends a number of formal dances to practice their social skills.


Class of 2015 Cadet Blogger Peter Driscoll invited me to join him this year at the 2/c Ring Dance in the month of April. As an underclass, I saw this invitation as a great opportunity to experience another’s Ring Dance before planning my own. And obviously I knew it would be a great night to escape Chase Hall and spend time with friends. While an odd class year will never be able to compete with an even, I must admit 2015 and especially my date Pete did a fantastic job organizing the evening. From details such as class specific water being added to the ring dipping ceremony, to a father (and Captain) of one of the class member’s being selected as the keynote speaker, the night overall exceeded expectations. Even in a pilgrim-like dinner dress uniform, cadets were able to dance for hours surrounded by friends, guests, and members of the Class of 1965. Pilgrim Prom might not be a frat party, but it is definitely an event that cadets will remember.


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Halfway There!

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Stowes Photo Summer training is officially underway here at the Coast Guard Academy. Fourth class and second class have headed off to their summer units or Eagle, Third class just completed 100th week, and first class cadets are eagerly awaiting graduation. It is an exciting time for all!


As I just mentioned, third class cadets finished up 100th week. This is the midway point for cadets, which means that after the week is over, we have completed 100 weeks of our time here at the Academy, and we have 100 more to go. During 100th week, the Cape May company commanders (the CG’s enlisted boot camp cadre) come to the Academy to teach the third class about being cadre.


My 100th week was awesome! On the first day, the CCs woke us up at 0500, and the day was devoted to reminding us what it is like to be a swab. We had to do a lot of physical fitness exercises and different remedials, like remaking our racks and so on. Also, we relearned a variety of drill movements. After the first day, the mood was more relaxed. During the second day of 100th week, we focused on having our classmates run IT sessions, uniform and room inspections, and teaching drill. I learned a lot about uniforms, and I realized how much more difficult it is to teach drill/run inspections than it is to just do them. On the third day, the CCs answered a lot of questions about being cadre, and I gained a lot of insight into the difficulties of being cadre and handling trainee issues.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had classroom training in the morning at the Leadership Development Center. On the first day, we discussed values, how they are different for different people, and how to indoctrinate the CG values in the swabs. On the second day, we focused on team building, cooperation, and other aspects of being cadre.


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