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cadet blogs

Range/Prep Week/ROTR/T-Boats

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Hazen PhotoRange: I was very excited for Range Week, but it turned out to be pretty maddening. It was only a four-day week, but I was stuck in Chase Hall basement until Friday afternoon, because I wasn’t shooting a score of 114. I felt comfortable with the pistol; nothing seemed to click for me though. Thankfully, GM1 gave me one-on-one instruction and I was able to qualify as a Marksman with a score of 116. I am fine with that. Other than not initially being able to shoot the required score and being stuck waiting around in the basement; it was a pretty neat experience.


Prep Week: Prep Week was very relaxed; we finished a day early and had a lot of free time throughout the week. It was little exasperating that our prep time was six weeks before we were actually cadre, instead of a week before like the other cadre sections, but that is how the schedule worked out. We also weren’t able to stow the rooms during that week due to a convention being held at the Academy. Because our Prep Week was so early we had to come back early from leave to arrange rooms and do any last minute practices.


ROTR: Just felt like a long, long week of school. We were in a classroom the whole time, just reading over (page by page, word by word) navigation rules. After the classroom sessions (0800-1100 and 1300-1600), I went back to my room and kept going over online ROTR questions. We took six practice tests before our final test on Friday morning. I had done pretty well on my practice tests and thought I was ready for the final test. Unfortunately, I missed 7 out of 50 questions and passing is a 90% (missing only 5 questions). I was very frustrated; I had gone over hundreds of practice questions. Lucky, I was given another opportunity to retake the test and passed with a 92%.


T-Boats: As part of 2/c summer, we took out the old tugboats and practiced man overboard drills, anchoring, and conning/helming (instructing/driving). We spent half the week in the classroom, pretty much playing video games. There were boat stimulators that allowed us to practice docking and driving without actually putting the boats or us in danger. The other half of the time we spent out on the lovely Thames River, actually on the T-boats. The most memorable experience was when we took the boats out to Bluff Point, anchored and had a cookout and swim call. The water was freezing, but it was a nice getaway and we were able to lie out…in our one-pieces.


Four pretty uneventful weeks in a row, which led right into Coastal Sail…


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