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Last Semester Rapidly Finishing…

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Driscoll Photo It’s certainly been a while since I wrote a blog post, so I will write quickly before class to update my readers on what’s happening in Chase Hall.


  • Billet Night (March 5th): The Class of 2015 recently found out where we are going for our first tour. It was a fun, suspenseful evening: I loved sitting in the auditorium, cheering for my classmates as they were called on stage and opened their orders, but grew more and more anxious as people opened orders to boats on my dream sheet. Finally, two of my friends and I were called on stage. I’m going to USCGC Sequoia, a 225-foot buoy tender in Guam!! I’m so excited to get my top pick and spend two years in paradise.
  • Classes: Well, they are going. Of course, now that I know I am moving to Guam, it’s hard to focus… Senioritis really is a thing.
  • Easter: I had a great time yesterday at my sponsor mom’s house for Easter. She threw an awesome get-together this year, and outdid herself with all the food. After surviving 40 days of Lent without eating meat, it was great to dig into ham, turkey, and a delicious broccoli casserole! I’m going to miss those parties when I’m on the other side of the world next year.
  • Crew: It’s hard to believe that our season is almost over. It seems like yesterday that we were stepping into the boat for our first race. I’m going to miss the boyshouse, but at least we still have four or five more races! GO BEARS!

So that’s everything I can think of in the ten minutes before class. Enjoy and please take time to read the blogs of others (under-classmen) who write more frequently and have great advice and stories about this place. The firsties are mentally checked-out and eagerly looking forward to our new assignments. As always, though, if you have a question, please feel free to email me at Have a great day!


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Winter Triathlon Training

(Athletics, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Frost Photo So, somewhere along the way last semester, I decided to sign up for Half Ironman Florida this coming April. I was on the triathlon team at West Point and I had fallen back in love with the sport. What better way to push myself in a sport I love than to sign up for a race that I had never done? All semester I trained and raced with the team at West Point, but never did it dawn on me just how hard it was going to be to train in the Connecticut winter. One thing is for sure; training for a triathlon in Connecticut is not the same as it was back in high school when I was first introduced to the sport. Sunglasses and tank tops are replaced with beanies, gloves, leggings, and fleece. Instead of walking down the beach in Florida for an open-water swim, I must trek through the Connecticut snow for morning swim practice before sunrise. Biking along the Intercoastal Waterway is replaced with the steamy bike room. It is nice, however, to go for a run and not come back drenched in sweat and boiling from the Florida sun, and up until the past snow storm we were able to get in some long runs.


While practicing in Connecticut in January cannot compare to the weather my parents say we have back home, I still find joy in the little things, like the pool water being the perfect temperature and the chance to ride my own bike on the trainer. However, Florida simply cannot compare to training with a team and alongside my best friend who will race with me in April. This offers me that stress relief at the end of the day, but without friends to share that with it would quickly get lonely. I am so thankful to be able to train with others and that is priceless.


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January Snow and the Most Memorable Diving Meet

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Cantrell Photo The month of January was filled with snow! Really only the last week, but it was enough for a whole season. Every time I see the huge piles of snow I wish it could be sand. I guess it’s because I am a Florida girl at heart. We had a normal day of school on Monday, but by Monday afternoon the snow had started. It was beautiful to see the flakes falling down, but then it started sticking and it got scary to walk around base. It looked like I was learning how to walk because I was so scared I would slip on ice.


Storm Juno gave us two days off of school mid week, which was a great surprise. It was also the first time I’ve shoveled snow. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to shovel a long driveway, but shoveling out my car with my friend Carolyn was pretty fun. It also wasn’t as bad as I thought.


Other than this month bringing storm Juno, the schoolwork is in full swing. I had my first paper due this past week and have my first test in a couple of days. Quizzes and homework are regular tasks.


We also had our last home meet ever. It was against The Merchant Marine Academy, which is our biggest rival. It was an amazing meet and will be my most memorable meet of my diving career.


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Hectic Days Leading Up to Spring Break

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Eshleman Photo January came to a cold end with over a foot of snow falling on the Coast Guard Academy’s grounds. We got two days off of school and got to spend our time going sledding, catching up on homework, and sleeping. Foxtrot Company even had a snowman building contest and some friends and I drew a giant “2018” into the lower field overlooking the river. Overall, it made the end of January very enjoyable.


Since second semester started, life has been incredibly hectic. I am trying water polo this semester for the first time. It has been awesome getting to know a new group of girls and everyone has been very welcoming. The sport is hard though. I never swam on a team in high school, but I am doing my best to learn the rules of the game and be a beneficial member of the team. Our first tournament is the end of February, so we’re all looking forward to that. Chief Stevens (our coach) has warned us of the competition we’ll be facing, but we have all been working hard to get in good shape, so hopefully we can give other teams a run for their money.


Glee Club is starting to prepare for our spring break trip to Germany! We’ve got some new medleys to work on, and I am counting down the days until this trip. I have been to Europe once (London), but I’m looking forward to exploring a part of the world I have never been to before.


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Golden Glove Champion

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Hazen Photo For one of the top 10 coolest moments in my life, I have to thank my coaches for leading me to a New England Golden Glove Championship victory. When I made the decision to box last August, I was just looking for something new and exciting to do, while still getting in a great workout. I never imagined I would be the 132 lb. New England Golden Glove Novice Champion, let alone be fighting in the tournament. After the final bell rang, I ran back to my coaches and I knew I had done something right when Tom hugged me and lifted me off the ground. “You just won the New England Golden Gloves!” It didn’t seem real. That was until the ref called my opponent and me back to the center of the ring. “And the winner, by unanimous decision, coming from the blue corner is Coast Guard’s Mary Hazen!” It was unbelievable!


The day started off like any day of one of my fights. I would go through moments when I would be so nervous my stomach would cramp up, and then the cramps would slowly fade away as I didn’t think about what was ahead of me. This happened frequently throughout the day. At 1600, LT Webb, Trevor, and I loaded into the van and I quickly fell asleep, more or less to keep my mind from wondering. When we got to the venue in Lowell, Massachusetts, I weighed in and got checked out by the doctor. After being herded around, we were finally directed to the locker room, where Tom wrapped my hands and gloved me up. I warmed up, starting out with relaxed and easy movements, working up a little sweat, and then Tom had me work on some combinations. Once he was pleased, he sent me off and I said my three Hail Marys (one for each round) and tried to clear my mind.


When the second bout of the night made their way to the ring, my opponent and I stepped up on deck. Tom kept telling me to relax and stay loose. I was so nervous! But was able to keep relaxed by jumping around and reminding myself that Tom, Mike, and LT Webb had prepared me for this fight! They all knew I would succeed; I had to have the same confidence. The winner of bout two was announced and Tom and LT Webb escorted me to the ring.


My nerves subsided as the ref touched my opponent’s and my gloves, and the first bell rang. I went in full force, just like Tom had said to. I fought behind my defense and used my jabs to my advantage, mixing up different combinations and combining head and body shots. The bell ending the first round rang. I returned to the blue corner feeling pretty good, as Tom and LT Webb told me to keep up what I was doing. The second bell rang; round two had begun. Much like the first round, I went out strong, using mainly defense and my jabs. The bell ending the second round rang. Again, Tom and LT Webb told me to keep it up. The third round went similar to the first two and at the sound of the final bell, I ran back to the blue corner to get my headgear removed, where Tom picked me up and was the first to unofficially announce me New England Golden Glove Champion!


I was on cloud nine! I have won games and races in my day, but I never fathomed the idea of winning a Golden Glove Championship title! It is an amazing feeling! If there is one last thing to say, it’s that I have been incredibly blessed and would be nowhere near the person I am today without every single person in my life. I am so grateful for the relationships I have built over the years and am so appreciative of my support system. I love you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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