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On a Mission to Unwind

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Bain Photo It's the beginning of 2016, Happy New Year! Consequently, that means it’s time for another semester. Winter leave was great and very important. This past fall semester left me drained in my mind and body. By heading home I had the opportunity to refresh and recharge. Spending time with friends, family, loved ones, and even pets was a welcoming feeling having been gone for so long. However, nothing was more comforting than sleeping in long past 6 a.m.


If the mission of leave is to unwind, I stood a tall watch and manned my rack. One could say I was extraordinarily devoted to that duty. Unfortunately, my watch has come to an end and it’s time to return to the Coast Guard Academy.


With the spring semester about to pick up, I'm ready. Sure, being away from home stinks but if I wrote that I didn't miss this place, I would be a liar. For some mysterious reason that I'll attribute to habit, I started to miss the daily routine. Being here and being productive gives one a sense of purpose, which is ultimately what every human inevitably searches for in their lifetime.


I'm glad it’s still not snowing. I'm glad to be back with my friends. I'm ready for the challenges ahead. It's good to be home.


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Second-Time Applicant

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Wittrock Photo I had never been on an official visit before reporting to the Academy on R-Day. I did not attend AIM or an Admissions brief. I missed out on the opportunity to visit the Academy and experience a day in the life of a cadet, so I turned to YouTube and the Cadet Blogs to learn about the Academy. For me, social life played a huge part in what college I wanted to attend. Reading the Cadet Blogs assured me that my choice to apply to the Academy was the right one. Learning about cadets’ summer experiences really intrigued me and from then I knew I wanted to be a part of the Coast Guard. Now as a cadet, I believe it is my responsibility to show prospective cadets what the Academy is really like. You will not receive the typical “college experience,” but you will socialize in a different way. I’ve met world leaders, admirals, corporate executives, and other famous people in the short time I’ve been here.


In addition, I was a second time applicant. After high school, I attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and reapplied to the Academy. I would like to be a voice for those who are second or even third time applicants who did not attend AIM or Prep School. If a kid from the middle of a land locked state can belong to a school whose main mission is to develop leaders with a “liking for the sea and its lore”, anyone can!


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An International Cadet Perspective

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Martorell Crespo Photo I am a fourth class cadet and am in Echo Company. You may all know my sister; she is currently a cadet blogger and many people know her already from her blogs. She is a 3/c and recommended this program because she likes sharing her experiences, helping others, and writing about being part of the Coast Guard family and how you fall in love with it, as we both did.


As an international cadet, I will dedicate my time to writing about the different things that may interest the person reading my blog; all the way from how my day was, to a big trip I took on Eagle, or even about a sport/club I’m in. I am very involved and am currently on the dance team (we already had our first performance) as well as in the Glee Club. As you can see, I am able to keep up with my work and I will make some time to write to anyone interested in the Academy and its corps. I am excited to start telling everyone what the process was for me and I hope, one day, it will help them, too. My blogs will not only be geared toward international students, but also American students, because I will try to let them know that if I did it, as an international, they can do it, too.


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A Different Perspective

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Llewellyn Photo When I started high school, I never would have dreamed I would spend my four years of college at the Coast Guard Academy. My father had joked with my siblings and me for years that we would all end up at a service academy like he did, partly because of the great opportunities they offered but mostly because my parents had six children, and we were on our own to pay for college. When I entered high school, I didn’t think the military was the place for me. Maybe my older sister or my younger brother who both dreamed of being pilots belonged at an academy, but I just wanted a normal college experience…not Swab Summer and military obligations. It wasn’t until the week before May 1 that I finally admitted to myself that I had simply been afraid of failing and that four years of hard work was worth it to get the chance to serve my country. Now, five months later, Swab Summer, something I had stressed about for over a year and didn’t think I would ever get through, is over and I am finally a fourth class cadet.


I believe the struggles I had deciding to come to the Academy will allow me to bring a different perspective to the blog program than those who have been dreaming of attending this school their entire lives. I want to be able to tell those prospective students who are in the same position that I was all of the reasons why the Coast Guard Academy will be the best decision they will ever make. Anyone can find out how the Academy molds its cadets into leaders, gives them a free education, and provides them with incredible jobs after graduation. However, in these blogs, I will have the chance to tell the candidates all of the great things about this place that one will never find in a brochure. Perhaps I will be able to say that one thing that they need to hear to tip the scale and join the best branch of the military.


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How It All Began

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Johnson Photo In 2013, one week of summer changed my entire life. It all began with the AIM program; it was a shocking experience. Never had I ever faced such a rigorous program that tested my physical and mental capabilities to such a high extent. Initially, I hesitated to attend but as the week went on, my motive became clear. In that short one-week period, I had made some of the best friends in my life (some of which I still keep in contact with to this day). I had come to admire the family-like characteristic of the Coast Guard in addition to its various missions, which revolved around saving rather than taking lives. From then on, it had become my goal to join such a unique branch of service, through the Academy.


My grades in high school weren’t the greatest but they definitely weren’t the worst. Classes such as Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics often gave me trouble but that never deterred my resolve to apply to the Academy. The process of applying to Academy was terribly stressful – the anticipation of the “yes” or “no” verdict sent daily chills down my spine! As you have probably guessed, my typing here is enough evidence to bring this cliffhanger to a close, but the story doesn’t end there. While I did receive my appointment, it was on a conditional basis. Through the USCGA Scholars program, I would attend one year of prep school at Marion Military Institute in order to strengthen my academics. Afterward, I would then receive my appointment to the USCGA as long as I adhered to the academic requirements. Conditional or not, I was overjoyed for the opportunity that I was given.


It was events such as these that helped to shape me into the cadet I am today. AIM was the initial spark that triggered a great resolve in me. From there on it was the Scholars program that let me mature and become better acclimated to the academic rigors of the Academy. I wouldn’t trade either of these experiences for the world.


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