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2016: The Year in Review

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Glick Photo This year is one that has been filled with surprises, joys, concerns, and milestones. In January, we began work on preparing for the arrival of the Class of 2020. The spring semester flew by and before we knew it, there were 300 swabs at our doorstep. This summer was excellent, as we trained more swabs than ever with less cadre and resources. This summer I got to see Alaska and the great American west, which was an awesome experience. I went on search and rescue cases, swam with icebergs, and earned my in-port junior officer of the day qualification. This semester I was assigned to the community service logistics division again, and we are in the process of finishing a house for Habitat for Humanity in downtown New London. We are also hoping to sponsor a house in the coming months for the Class of 2018 and beyond to construct.


I became very involved in my local United Methodist Church this semester as well. I am taking a 40-week bible study with a group led by our pastor, and I am attending a conference in January for people interested in the ministry. I am also considering pursuing ministry after my commitment to the Coast Guard. One step at a time, however…


This semester I also honed my golf game. I spent many hours at the Stonington Country Club golf course, and I found myself a great new hobby to pursue when the weather is fair. Golf is a game where perfection is the standard and effort is the means, but nonetheless I am enjoying my time learning and improving my game.


Last month I was selected to serve as the spring Regimental Chief of Staff, which has obstacles of its own that lay ahead. I am looking forward to serving on Regimental Staff again, and graduation will be here before we know it!


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A Writer at Heart

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Wheeler Photo I have always loved writing! English and history were always my favorite subjects in high school, the various essays we would be assigned I considered to be a welcomed challenge and overall really fun. I oftentimes wrote for fun in high school, sometimes just recounting the events of the day, other times creating adventure-filled short stories purely for enjoyment. My senior year of high school, I wrote the daily paper for the student body (my first period was journalism and I was the only student in the class, so I had about an hour each day to create and distribute my school’s paper; my school had 95 students in total), so writing well and writing fast were skills I acquired VERY quickly. Once I discovered the Academy had a Cadet Blog Club, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t sign up for the club fast enough. I am eager to begin submitting monthly contributions about the Academy and all it has to offer! I remember being that high school student reading about all of the exciting activities at the Academy in the cadet spotlights on the Academy’s home page, now it feels almost surreal to be writing those articles myself.


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Blogging as an International Cadet

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Ramos Photo Hello world! I am 4/c John Ramos from the great Class of 2020. I am currently in Golf Company and one of our company’s focuses is aviation. There are countless reasons why I decided to join the Cadet Blog Club. As an international cadet, I believe there is a greater reason why I am here right now. I am here to let everyone know what my country and its culture is all about. There is no better way to share my experiences than writing about them for the Academy’s website.


Additionally, what I will bring to this prestigious Academy program is a demonstration of the unwavering work ethic of the Philippines. I am thrilled and excited to be at the Academy and am planning to major in Operations Research and Computer Analysis. I will also continue to share the knowledge and experiences of my teammates in the rowing team, my shipmates in Cyber Team, International Council, Asian Pacific American Council, and Officers’ Christian Fellowship. I am so happy to be here and there is no place I’d rather be.


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Climbing Skjeggedal

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Noble Photo As I hiked the mountains of Scandinavia, I looked back into the relentless past, marveled at the unraveling present, and speculated about the mysterious future. Life is really a great climb.


It was my first time to hike and climb a real mountain. It was no fun. I only did this because of peer pressure and how it is seen as something that one must do in Norway. This mountain in Skjeggedal is called Trolltunga or the “Troll’s Tongue.” An iconic mountain that was very famous to Vikings since the late 11th century. It has always been featured in travel magazines and adventure blogs due to its scenic cliffs and spectacular views.


But in all honesty, I would never climb this mountain again after experiencing the impetuosity of this 12-hour up and down and 4 degree Celsius night hike. I would rather go to the driving range, hit some golf balls, then head out with my golf cart and play a simple 18-hole golf match with my friends from the United States Coast Guard Academy. I could head out to the 5th Deck of the Roland Hall and play a pick-up game of basketball with my classmates. If all else fails, I can head down to Groton to my sponsor parent’s house and watch Netflix and probably take a nap. I would rather do things that make me feel relaxed rather than things that will make me feel danger and fear. Relaxing for me is the best feeling in the world.


During that difficult hike I had in Norway, zoned out several times and told myself that I want a big change in my life. I wanted to be a part of something huge just like the big icy mountain. I want to represent my country at the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). It was a heartfelt wish and a prayer to God. Soon after, I applied to the USCGA and eventually got appointed. I always wanted to become a Philippine Coast Guard attaché that works in our Foreign Affairs Department so I can see the world. I love the fact that they get to travel across the earth, and help out with global issues and transnational affairs. Now, how is this related to wanting to be a blogger. The simple reason I have is that I want to open myself up and travel to the minds of my readers. I want to enter the mighty seas of their thoughts. As I share what we cadets are going through, I believe I could leave an indelible mark in their hearts and minds.


Blogging is also an avenue to influence people and tell them what are you going through. It is indeed an essential tool for people to share their ideas and lifestyle. It is a means of sharing personal messages and insights. One can get to imagine what it is like in the shoes of the blogger. In the case of the reader, it is easier to react to blogs than formal articles. This is the reason that I have always been a fan of blogs. I love reading them because I sense the person to person interaction.


Blogging encourages amateur writing that could lead to professional writing. If blogging is not encouraged, there will be fewer sharing of ideas and insights. Blogging is a great tool to express oneself that could benefit other people in very simple, practical, fun and honest way.


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Branching Out

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Lorence Photo The first weeks are the hardest trying to get adjusted to normal cadet life. I came out of Swab Summer energized and ready for the school year. I still have that same energy every morning when I wake up. I have noticed a lot of fourth class cadets stay within their own companies aside from participating on a sports team, but with my experiences during Swab Summer (switching companies for two weeks) I have made great friends throughout the Corps of Cadets. This gives me the ability to help introduce people from other companies to mine, and vice versa. With these friends (in company and out) I have had countless opportunities to do amazing things, such as providing assistance for runners in a youth triathlon.


I will also be able to do many more amazing things in the coming months. October 7th I will be departing from the Academy with the Rifle Team to shoot against the Naval Academy. The team is also traveling to Colorado to shoot against the Air Force Academy very soon! I am sure my scores will only continue to improve under the guidance of the excellent coaching staff we have. The environment of the team only adds to this positively, and would recommend anyone to come try it out!


Finding something to do after shooting became simple for me after I made a mini schedule. I eat, workout for an hour and shower, and then it’s time to attack homework. I found the course load very difficult to manage in the beginning, but after timing my homework in sections I have found it to be quite easy. There are still times when I will not finish a homework assignment, but the teachers are understanding and can extend the deadline, or give partial credit where it is allowed.


Overall life at the Academy has been a blast! I’m sure it will only raise the bar in the coming months! If you would like to contact me with any questions on the Rifle Team, or really anything, my email is always open:


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