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Phase I of Firstie Summer!

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Wu Photo I cannot believe I am already a first class cadet at the Academy and the Class of 2018 is reporting in. Similar to third class summer, firstie summer is spent out in the operational Coast Guard. For my first phase, I got the chance to be on CGC Venturous, a 210’ cutter out of St. Petersburg, Florida. A female classmate of mine and I met the cutter mid-patrol in Corpus Christi, Texas and from there we went underway to Cozumel, Mexico and then back to home port in Florida. I enjoyed the experience on Venturous and found it very beneficial. Before my first phase, I had almost no exposure to the operational fleet since I was on Eagle for part of my third class summer and then at the Naval Academy on their Yard Patrol boats. I remember one of the first things our Executive Officer told my classmate and I when we first reported to Venturous was the importance of being a “sponge.” I kept that in mind throughout the phase and got a lot of hands-on experience being on a 210’. As a firstie, the main difference this summer from third class summer is that as a third class you are treated as a Junior Enlisted so you do a lot of manual labor and saw the physical tasks involved in running a boat. As a first class, my classmate and I were given a stateroom to stay in and treated as a Junior Officer. We shadowed the officers, ate in the wardroom and oversaw all the decision making that maintains a functioning boat and crew. It was a lot of hard work and long hours on watch as we got qualified as Navigation Petty Officers of the Watch (NPOW) and Basic Damage Control Practical Qualification Standards (DCPQS). We were also given the opportunity to conn the 210’ (give orders on how to maneuver the cutter) in man overboard drills. It was interesting to see and experience everything we learned in the classroom. During the drill, for example we saw how the surface area of the cutter played a factor in helping recover the man overboard dummy faster.


Our time in Cozumel was a great break from being underway. My classmate and I got to go dune-buggying as well as scuba diving. It was an amazing port call and it refreshed the crew for the last leg back to home port. It was inspirational to see a Commanding Officer work for his crew. He was always taking the crew’s best interest to heart, looking for good port calls and when the crew needed a break, the CO had a very well-timed swim call as well as a couple of low key days that allowed crewmembers to catch up on sleep. Once we got back to home port, we got a week of stand down (which means, unless you have assigned duty, you do not need to be on the boat). It gave the crew time to spend with their families and be at home. During that time, I got to explore the beautiful St. Petersburg. The other cadets and I also got to a little trip to Disney World for a few days. We definitely made the most out of our five-week phase; learning as much as we could from the crew while having fun along the way.



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Pilgrim Prom

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Kukich Photo In high school, April was the month to go prom dress shopping, order the corsage, plan where pictures would be taken. But in college, April is a month crammed with projects and exams…so much seems to come at once that, as cadets, we forget about the social life around us. The Academy however remedies this problem ensuring each cadet attends a number of formal dances to practice their social skills.


Class of 2015 Cadet Blogger Peter Driscoll invited me to join him this year at the 2/c Ring Dance in the month of April. As an underclass, I saw this invitation as a great opportunity to experience another’s Ring Dance before planning my own. And obviously I knew it would be a great night to escape Chase Hall and spend time with friends. While an odd class year will never be able to compete with an even, I must admit 2015 and especially my date Pete did a fantastic job organizing the evening. From details such as class specific water being added to the ring dipping ceremony, to a father (and Captain) of one of the class member’s being selected as the keynote speaker, the night overall exceeded expectations. Even in a pilgrim-like dinner dress uniform, cadets were able to dance for hours surrounded by friends, guests, and members of the Class of 1965. Pilgrim Prom might not be a frat party, but it is definitely an event that cadets will remember.


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Assassin Game

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Chavarria-Aguilar Photo This week, Hotel Company is participating in Assassin, which is a popular game played on college campuses throughout the United States. This game has been played in Chase Hall before and was a successful morale event. The goal of the game is for cadets to track down and eliminate their targets until only one player remains. I sat with Foxtrot Company during lunch a few weeks ago while they were playing. It was hilarious; everyone was extremely on edge and suspicious. You couldn’t get within a foot of a person without them flipping out about getting eliminated. The game moderator, who keeps track of the "kills", assigns each person a target. In order to assassinate your target, you must clip a clothespin to them without their knowledge. If you are caught, the attempted kill is void and you have to try again another time. Of course, there are a few more rules, but the gist of the game is to kill or be killed. We start at 0800 on Monday morning. Game on.



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Ring Dance 2014

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Duplessis Photo Unbelievable, bittersweet and extraordinary. Incredible night, friends, and shipmates, and an amazing class to be a part of. Two thooousand fifteen, one year to go!


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Things I Look Forward To

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Schroeder Photo Hot sun, crashing beach waves, toes in the sand, good food and good times: Can’t wait for my trip to Mexico in one month! Summer hurry up!


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