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The Actor

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Culp Photo Not much going on around here… it’s been a pretty typical start to the semester with new classes, new divisions, etc.! Since there’s not a lot of news, I thought I’d rock the blogging boat a little bit and share some of the writing that I’ve talked about before. So, here is “The Actor” (an appropriate one as I start rehearsals for the fall musical!). Enjoy!


Eyes of glass illuminate a face locked in a dream.
A world, only a feet few beyond,
Seizes his soul and holds him.


A barrier stands, a wall unbroken.
Lights shine through the impenetrable invisibility,
Catch the glass,
Ignite the spirit that crosses the ground,
Slips back into him
Bringing new life to share.


Who is this man
Who wears a suit of personality
Sewn by hand in recitation,
Pinned into shape with actions and motion?


Colors bleed from the wall
And soak the stage,
Darkness recedes,
Flaming words and sparks leap from his eyes -
They melt the barrier.


He rises.


Fixed upon him, shapeless faces outside of his world
Grope for a flicker of the man hidden
Beneath the actor.


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A Winter Wonderland 2016

(Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Glick Photo The Dark Ages, as they are commonly called, are upon us. Despite the limited daylight, I’ve been finding things to keep myself entertained during the cold months here at the CGA. This Friday night, Hotel Company, which is charged with Regimental Morale, has hired professional comedians to give stand-up routines in Leamy Hall. The comedians were previously featured on The Tonight Show and America’s Got Talent. Hockey games, basketball games, and morale events are myriad and there to give cadets something to do during down time. This coming week, the Corps of Cadets is heading to a downtown New London theater to watch a private pre-screening of the new major motion picture, The Finest Hours. This should be great—a chance to see the first movie about the Coast Guard since The Guardian, of which has produced many Aston Kutcher jokes and stereotypes about the Coast Guard. Maybe when I tell people that I’m in the Coast Guard they will ask me if I’ve seen The Finest Hours rather than The Guardian


In an effort to keep myself busy, I’ve been working out in Billard Hall’s renovated cardio gym. The newly renovated gym has a deluxe TRX layout, which reminds me of a grown-up jungle gym. I also recently signed up for a half marathon in March in West Haven, Connecticut! I’ve been running in Billard just about every day to prepare for the race.


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A Whale of a Time

(Academics, Just for Fun, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Hosley Photo Hello everyone and happy New Year! We just got back to school for MAP week, which is a week of re-adjustment to the Academy, which includes military and academic trainings. I am more than excited to be back and loved seeing all my friends again, although the adjustment is never easy.


Anyhow, I worked all winter break on my directed study project, which is a literature review for the Mystic Aquarium on stress physiology in marine mammals (just a Marine and Environmental Sciences major thing). Essentially, I have been reading what feels like a million very complicated and ‘sciency’ papers about endocrinology and stress in whales, dolphins, and sea lions. I can’t wait to present my findings to the aquarium in a couple of weeks, but I am so, so nervous!


The study has been a bit of added-on work this past semester, but it is more than worth it. I have had the incredible opportunity to visit the aquarium a few times, as well as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute out on Cape Cod. Additionally, my work for the aquarium has allowed me to get in the enclosure with the beluga whales! It really has been a dream come true. In November, I worked with a few scientists from Woods Hole doing acoustics, or sound testing, on Kela, who is Mystic’s female beluga. The experiment was very successful and a lot of important data was collected concerning the whale’s brain activity and ability to hear/interpret sound. I can’t wait to see what this semester has in store and look forward to continuing my work with the aquarium and the whales. Don’t worry, I “whale” be sure to keep you all updated…haha!


Please check out the picture of myself in the enclosure with one of the beluga whales.


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Returning to My Roots

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Corbett Photo A common perception of military training is that everyone should fit into a mold. By the time we graduate, we should become the image of military excellence. This was a fear that I had before coming to the Academy, that I would be stripped of my core identity. I can tell you this is just a silly rumor in most cases. When I meet someone new, one of my first questions is always “what’s your story?” To which I typically get a look of confusion followed by “I don’t have a story.” Everyone has a story and it is important to realize what it is and hold on to it. Your story is what makes you unique; it is what makes you the person you are. A piece of my story that I always share is my love for art. Before becoming an Electrical Engineering major, I had taken zero, count ‘em zero, engineering courses. I did, however, max out the ceramics department’s program and the graphic design program, and did an independent study in ceramics with a focus on throwing on the wheel. So, why talk about this? Because it is important to know your story and return to it occasionally!


I lugged my potter’s wheel up to the Academy last semester hoping that I would have time to experience something other than the math and military-filled days. I, unfortunately, did not get the chance to reach back to that previous flame last semester and thus brought my wheel back home for winter break. While home, however, I bought myself 25 pounds of clay, fired up the wheel and day after day went back to what I did before the Academy. I sat for a lunch break with my mother most days in a disarray of clay-covered clothes and with dry hands. Among this chaos of an outfit was a smile though. I was at peace working with the medium.


The Academy can often fill our lives up and make it feel like we have nowhere to go other than the crevices inside the mold. It is important to realize that there is no mold except the one you make for yourself. Expand your expectations to be what you want and pursue what you want. I can sit here happily studying electrical engineering, but it does not mean I have to give up other things in my life that made me happy. Besides, at the end of the day, let’s face it; an engineer is an artist too, just with a different medium.


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Get Rowdy 4/c

(Athletics, Just for Fun, Class of 2019) Permanent link
Friedman Photo Swab Summer is over and the year is flying by. We’re already a month into school, which I didn’t realize until I had to start wearing sweatshirts to rugby practice this week. So much has happened at the Academy in the first month. One of my favorite experiences so far was going to the Secretaries’ Cup game at Kings Point.


When I hear service academy rivalries I often think of Army versus Navy and because of this I didn’t think the rivalry between Coast Guard and Merchant Marine would be a big one. I was wrong. Getting off the bus at Kings Point, one of the first things my classmates and I saw was King’s Point plebes walking around with a stuffed bear skewered through on one of their guidons. The rivalry only got more intense as the games started; the bleachers were shaking because of how much both academies were cheering. If there was a lull in the cheering for even a minute there would be an upper-class or staff member shouting “get rowdy 4/c”, which prompted a continuation of cheering. Toward the end of the game, the Regimental Commander came down and did a cheer with the 4/c. Even though we ended up losing the cup, it was a fun day and a great bonding experience with my classmates.


If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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