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The Joys of Running

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Mark Zanowicz Now that it’s mid-November, when the sun sets an hour after classes end and the weather gets chillier day by day, I’m finding it’s getting more and more difficult to get out of the barracks and enjoy a nice run in the woods near the Academy. It hits especially hard for me because running, or, more specifically, cross country season, is probably my favorite part of fall semester.

I’m not going to say I’m a very good runner – I’m not. But regardless of ability level, the experience is like nothing else. There’s just nothing like strapping on your training shoes and throwing on your gym gear, then going out to join the cross country team on a run through the forest or the streets of New London for miles after mile. It’s a time when you can leave the worries and difficulties of cadet life behind; when you can enjoy the solace of the world around you or joke around to your teammates about the happenings of the day. It helps me on tough days like nothing else. Running: it seems so simple, but it really is something powerful.

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