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Future Shock

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Mark Zanowicz Hello readers! Now that we’re well into November up here in Connecticut, traveling home for Thanksgiving has started to seem more and more appealing. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned enough before in previous entries, I’m hardly a fan of mid-semester projects or the cooling temperatures that accompany fall’s transition into winter here in New London. A few days at home sounds like an outstanding relief.

This year is especially taxing. With Billet Night happening in March, for us seniors these next few weeks are our last chance to work hard and raise our class ranks enough to be competitive for our “dream billet.” As a result, for the most part these past few weeks have mostly just consisted of working hard in class and trying to avoid doing anything silly enough on liberty that would warrant a disenrollment – and with 398 pages of Cadet Regulations to be followed, that can actually be quite challenging at times.

So, due to the bleakness of life here at the Academy at the moment, I would like to instead focus this entry on what prospective cadets are probably going through right now. I remember my senior year of high school; November represented a big push for getting college applications completed. Some of you may have already experienced the elation of getting your first acceptance letter to a college. Others may still be working away at applications. To help you out, here’s a few pointers I threw together for finishing your USCGA application and preparing for your first year here.

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