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Panama City Beach

(Just for Fun, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Alexander Lloyd 18 March 2009

Well, it’s the first week back at the Academy after spring break. Yeah, after a week back in the “civilian world,” it is tough to be back at school, but it is encouraging to know that the end of classes and fourth class year is just six weeks away.

I spent my spring break with a few of my good friends from the Academy in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was awesome! We heard performances by Lil Wayne and Kenny Chesney on the beach, met some really cool people, and more than anything got some rest and relaxation under the Florida sun. It was a much needed break from the long Connecticut winter and busy school work.

I’m not going to lie, the rest of the school year is not going to just be a coast downhill, as many obstacles, challenging yet plausible, lay ahead. In a few short weeks, we begin 4th Class Boards, the culmination of our first year at the Academy, which will test us if we are ready to become 3rd class cadets. As soon as the entire Class of 2012 passes, we earn the privileges of an upper-class cadet, rewarding us for our hard work throughout the year.

Nonetheless, I know boards and final exams will come and pass quickly, and before I know it I will be writing from my summer assignment in Hawaii!

Alex Lloyd

*Coast Guard Fun Fact: The Revenue Cutter School, the precursor to the modern Coast Guard Academy, was created in 1876 with a small group of cadets aboard the cutter Dobbin.

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