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My Summer Has Been an Absolute Blast

(Just for Fun, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Michael Klakring 16 June

I hope this journal entry finds you all enjoying your summer, or what’s left of it at least. Right now, there are 13 days to go until R-day. For those of you who will be reporting in, best of luck.

As for me, I am here at the Academy for a week for a little break in the ocean racing season. We spent the first week prepping the boats: waxing, washing, buying food and water, loading life rafts and safety equipment, getting sails, running lines and getting the boat fit for sea. After that we transited through the Long Island Sound and docked at the Merchant Marine Academy for a week while we did some racing on that end of the sound. We spent some time in New York City and at one of my teammate’s lake house. It is a great time. If any of you ever get the chance to do it, go for it. We then transited to Annapolis, where I got to see my family. We raced from Annapolis to Newport R.I., and had a great race, finishing 5th in our class.

Distance racing is crazy stuff, unlike anything else. Climbing up on the bow and changing out the sails in 5 to 6 foot seas as we pounded in the waves, in the middle of the night was such an adrenaline rush that I almost got washed off the boat and had waves rushing up my foul weather gear and down my boots. Sleep is broken up by the four hour watch sections, four on four off at night and six on six off during the day. Cooking is a workout as the stove swivels with the rocking of the boat and sleeping on the high side of the boat when we are heeled over is far from comfortable. Showers are replaced by baby wipes and sleeping bags are shared and there is sure to be something that breaks during watch. You are always on your toes and the focus doesn’t stop until you cross the finish line. In this case, it was about 79 hours before that happened. Now we are at school for a few days, getting the boats ready for our final event, Block Island Race Week. Our rivalry with the Naval Academy boats will be evident during the five days of buoy races; it should be a great time.

My summer has been an absolute blast so far, I have added some photos of it. Feel free to Facebook me (Mick Klakring) to see more or to talk or ask questions or whatever.

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