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Drill Psyched!

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 Michael Klakring The “dark ages” are finished for the year here at the Coast Guard Academy and that means two things: the school year is almost over, and it’s time to DRILL! Now I have to admit, I am honestly not “drill psyched,” but I couldn’t help but feel a little pride this morning at drill practice. (Drill is what we call marching in formation.) I don’t know what it was exactly, but probably a combination of the parka-less ODU uniform, birds chirping, dew on the grass, light fog rising from the ground, bagpipes marching us in, and the clicking of rifles (what we call “pieces”) and bayonets. There is something about drill that just brings it all together. We march for our parents for Parent’s weekend, the firsties march during graduation week, we march for guests like Sandra Day O’Connor, Admiral Allen, congressmen and women, 50 year alums for Homecoming, and for a myriad of other distinguished guests. It is a show of discipline, pride, and skill that I think can be quite impressive.

I won’t lie, the feelings I had at drill practice this morning are not usual. Drill practice at 0700 usually comes along with long lines at breakfast, a possible late rack taken away, a very grumpy Corps of Cadets and marching in circles until the lines of cadets are straight. All of this has a purpose however, because come Friday afternoon (if the rain we are hoping for fails us), the Corps will march onto the parade field following the drum cadence and bagpipes and will look and sound great as we do it.

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