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Ocean Racing Take Two

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 Michael Klakring Finally I can say that I am finished with classes, drill instructors, exams, and tests for the whole summer! Ocean Racing has begun once again, and this year’s crew looks to be better than ever. We had our first team sails yesterday and today, and with some great weather we worked really well together. I am really looking forward to the season.

This Wednesday we transit overnight to Stamford, Connecticut in anticipation for the Around Block Island Race that starts on Friday. This will be our first test in a race scenario, as well as in our five-man watch sections as we sail for about 30 hours. This will be a small taste of what to expect on the five-day race to Bermuda from Newport, Rhode Island, later this summer!

My job while racing is to be jib and spinnaker trimmer. I like this job a lot since it allows me to directly contribute to the boats speed, and is a fast-paced, difficult job. It’s great when I learn a new trick or realize how to make the boat go faster for given conditions. My collateral duty for the team is that I am one of two logistics officers. We are in charge of making sure reservations are in place, transportation is arranged, and that everything the team needs throughout the season is ready.

Other collateral duties include commissary (food and water), Master-At-Arms (cleanliness), sail master, 1st Lieutenant (boat hardware), navigator, and crew chief. Each boat has a Coast Guard Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander on board as a safety officer, but the program really allows the cadets to take charge of the boat and make sure things go smoothly.

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