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Back to the Real World

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 Jessica Ward Christmas break is over, and it wasn’t easy returning from home and my “normal” life. Getting 10 hours of sleep each night is wonderful and you question if you can return to the few you get at the Academy. When I was dreading my return, I just kept thinking that everyone says it is worth it. When I look at my friends at home at “normal” colleges, I know that as much as I didn’t want to return, I’m doing something with my life already. Many of my friends dream about opportunities they might have down the road, and yeah, I will miss out on some of them but I am living an opportunity now, and as much as it isn’t fun at times, it is worth seeing the changes in myself and in my shipmates. I will do things my friends will never have the opportunity to do. We all want a normal life, but we all want to great opportunities. I choose opportunities, I mean, who really wants to be normal anyway?

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