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The Importance of Sports

(Athletics, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jessica Ward At the Academy there is a big push to join sports teams, even if it means joining a sport you have never played. Sports are a great opportunity that too often people pass up. Varsity and club sports are more demanding than intramural sports, but they also give a much bigger reward. Last year I walked onto the crew team, having no experience whatsoever. Yes, it was a lot of work, and yes, it was demanding, but I really only started to like the Academy after spring crew started. I may lose my Saturdays to crew regattas, but I know I have a lot of fun spending time with the team. This made me see that I had a place at the Academy. For me, my home is on the crew team, for my roommate it is the rugby team, for others it may come with basketball or boxing.

Sports provide you with a family at the Academy and can often come across as more work then you can handle, when in fact they are what allow you to handle the work. You have others to lead you while you lead others. It’s a great experience, winning or losing, to be on a team, and while the push to join a team may be overwhelming, it helps push back the stresses of the Academy.

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