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The Bigger Picture

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 Jessica Ward Aside from the many experiences the Academy offers, there are a lot of activities that are organized outside the Academy gates as well. This past Veteran’s Day, the International Council took a trip to NYC. We visited the Jewish Heritage Museum, Ground Zero, and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Visiting Ground Zero was strange as it has been about seven years since I last was there. Looking at the site reminded me of how many sacrifices can be asked of us for our nation. The memorial to the firefighters, the families left incomplete, the soldiers lost overseas, they all made sacrifices, willingly or unwillingly, and as much as I would like to think I’m special for choosing the Academy, this is something that has been asked of all citizens for far longer than anyone has ever lived.

We’re such a small link in the chain, but we’re also a connection between the past and future so that one day, when more names are etched in stone, others will see that they are not alone. Veteran’s Day may have been a day to get away from the Academy, but it also showed the significance of what we are a part of outside the Academy.

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