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2c Summer Part 1

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 Jessica Ward So I realized I haven’t written a post for a few months now, so I’ll try to catch up on what’s been going on. I finished the semester (thankfully) and am really liking my choice of major much more than I was at the end of the fall semester. In my Material Science class, our labs were a ton of fun and included making fiberglass and going to Mystic and blacksmithing.

This summer has also been great. Each week is dedicated to a specific topic, from Tug Boats to Aviation to Rules of the Road. It’s been fun to hang out with my classmates and go out on weekdays. This week is dedicated to preparations for Swab Summer that starts in less than a week. I’m really excited to see my swabs and teach them everything about being a cadet. It’s incredible to think that I am at this point in my cadet life. In some ways it seems like I’ve been at the Academy forever, and in others it seems like Swab Summer wasn’t so long ago. It really does go by fast (at least once 4/c year is over). To the class of 2015, welcome. I can’t wait to meet you…

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