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Ski Trip!!!

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 Jessica Ward The people at the Academy make this place what it is. The good times with them often extend outside of the Academy during liberty and leave. This past winter break, me and four others from the Academy went on a ski trip to Colorado. We spent a week at a friend’s house, and went skiing, hiking, sledding, exploring, (to name a few activities), and played lots and lots of card games. If any of you went skiing this past Christmas in Colorado, the snow in the Breck/Keystone area was less than ideal, especially considering how much better I had said it would be compared East Coast skiing. Instead, we faced up to 50 mph winds one day and were literally stopped in our tracks as we skied. It was so powerful, it even blew one of us over. There was an unusual amount of ice and we joked that it was almost like ice-skating on one slope. Regardless of the conditions, at the end of the week we all agreed it had been totally worth it.

There is nothing like the celebrating New Years in the mountains surrounded with friends. Or going hot-tubbing in the freezing cold, or jumping from trees into mounds of snow or laughing as your body acts like a sail on a mountain. We made it a great time and I still laugh as I think of all the fun we had. It is this attitude of making the most of every situation despite how mundane, unfair, or hard the situation is because at least you are going through it with friends; that makes this place worth it.

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