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How Times Flies

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
 Stephen Nolan I will always be the first one to admit that time flies here quicker than you will ever believe possible. A very wise cadet (now Ensign) once told me that you can break the Academy up into three distinct parts, each seeming to last as long as the other: Swab Summer, 4/c Year, and everything else. I am well into the third aspect of that separation scheme and never have I found it truer. As the days fly by, I find it hard to believe that my classmates and I are applying for leadership positions for the spring; we’re applying to be Guidons and MAAs, we’ve even put in the paperwork to be Summer Staff, to be the Company Commanders for the Summer, or to work on Regimental Staff. We’re applying for firstie positions. It’s strange… and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I’ve talked to people who have left the Academy and they’ve all echoed the same notions that I’ve been feeling as of late, time here flies fast. Even though the days seem to drag by, weeks and months seem to pass in a blink of an eye, and though I don’t doubt that this place is capable of fashioning high school graduates into officers of the finest sea-going service that America has to offer in only four years, I do doubt my ability to acquire the knowledge that they’re forcing into my brain at a thousand miles per second. I know it works, but it still bothers me that time seems to be slipping by so quickly.

We ordered our rings this past week. It’s the symbol that we will wear on our hands at every class function from now until we pass on. It’s an outward symbol of our having attended this institution… It’s also one step closer to graduation. All of these events seem to be happening simultaneously and it’s a bit nerve racking. Now that 2011 is gone, my classmates and I are taking charge, we’re standing JOOD (Junior Officer of the Deck/Day) and we’re standing ACDO (Assistant Cadet Duty Officer). We’ve been crossing off items on our checklists for graduation left and right, and even though we’ve still more than 18 months to go, it feels like it’s beginning to sneak up on us. And even though I want nothing more than to graduate and be gone to the fleet and begin my career, I can’t help but thinking how much I would miss the people here. I think back to a young JG who spoke to us when we were just 4/c, at that time sure that four years would never end. With two and a half of them just about done, his words seem more poignant than ever before “Remember that never again will you live just down the hall from 200 of your closest friends.”

I hope you all will forgive me my ramblings, I just wanted to convey to you a sense of how quickly time will pass once you get here, even if you don’t believe it during your first seven weeks at the Academy. If you have any questions you may always email me. I will answer them as soon as I can!

Semper P.

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