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Labor Day Weekend

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 Brooklyn Andreasen 1 September 2009

We have just concluded our first week of classes and I think most cadets are already looking forward to this Labor Day Weekend. I do admit that I was excited to find my classes interesting and more pertinent to my major. I am looking forward to many discussions and debates and questioning the opinions of my fellow classmates. The set up of these classes are what I would imagine any other civilian college to be, we sit in a circle and have more latitude to speak our minds on a topic.

Labor Day Weekend

One of the aspects that I am still getting used to about the Academy is the close proximity to so many fun places. It is exciting to be able to take a train into Boston, New York City, or anywhere else exciting on the East Coast. For Labor Day, my friends and I went into Boston and walked around the entire city. It’s one of the things that makes going to a military academy more enjoyable. That and the fact that no matter where you go in the New England states, you can find a cadet or a friend of a cadet. They welcome you into your home and make you a part of their family. This is what I have experienced personally, my first roommate of the semester allowed me to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family: the Fitzgerald’s. I saw a family similar to my own and learned that even though a country separates people they are not always so different.

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