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3c Freedom

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 Nick Capuzzi So, when you last heard from me, I was just about to head to Coast Guard Barque Eagle for a trans-Atlantic journey from London to Boston, with stops in Reykjavík and Halifax. I’m happy to report that I survived the howling gales of the North Atlantic and the drifting ice of the Arctic. Eagle was a very unique experience and it allowed me to visit some cool places.

After Eagle, I headed back to Texas for my three weeks of leave. After twenty days of rest and relaxation, it was back to the Academy to start another year.

This year is off to a much better start than last year, mostly due to the fact that I am no longer a fourth class. I can walk, talk, and eat like a normal person. But with being a third class comes a whole different set of responsibilities. No longer followers, the Class of 2014 is expected to act as role models for the Class of 2015. Also, third class cadets are responsible for organizing and administrating the cadet watch sections as the Junior Cadet Duty Officer. It’s quite a leap from simply bracing up and squaring meals.

The academic year is shaping up to be a tough one, with classes like Multivariable Calculus, Mechanics of Materials, and Physics. The good news is that professors make themselves very available, so there is always someone you can go to for help.

After a hard day of classes, there‘s nothing like letting your frustration out on the sports field, which, in my case is the Thames River. For the start of the Offshore Sailing season, I’ve become a Colgate skipper, teaching fourth class some basic sailing skills, and a pit man on Glory, our J/44 sailboat. This season is shaping up to be a fun one.

Overall, the start of third class year presents a freedom previously unknown inside Chase Hall. It also, however, presents a totally new set of experiences and challenges.

Go Bears!

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