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 Matthew Martin Basketball season is in full swing now and I thought I didn’t have any time before the season started. It’s a whole new dilemma with games and practices to work around now. Time management has a new meaning at the Academy. I wish I had learned time management in high school, but instead I now rely on that lovely caffeinated beverage, coffee. Sports here do take up a lot of your valuable time, but if you love playing and being a part of that team, it’s all worth it. Sports give you an opportunity to be out of the barracks and time to not think about what is due tomorrow or what military duty you have after practice. It is a fun outlet to give your brain a break, your body a workout, and a place to meet good people.

Varsity sports are a lot more time demanding than the club sports, but we all take our sports seriously. Even though they take up some time, you magically find ways to get your work done and still find a few hours to sleep. The team just got back from Philadelphia from a tournament, which is another good reason to play sports – you have the chance to get away from the Academy and hang out in cool places getting to see bits and pieces of what normal life is like on the “outside”. Not many people get to play on a varsity college team but cadets do have that opportunity here. It is also a fun outlet.

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