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cadet blogs

Home for the Holidays

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Lindsay Duplessis After a relaxing but short Thanksgiving break at home, we’ve all jumped into the final stretch. Christmas leave is two weeks after Thanksgiving, and the days are flying by. I had my last day of classes on Wednesday, which was awesome, but it also still feels like I just got here a few weeks ago. Christmas leave also unfortunately means finals are coming up this week and next week. Since it’s my freshman year, I have four finals to take (Chemistry, Calculus, Statics and Engineering Design, and Macroeconomics) as well as my last few papers for English, projects for Fitness and Wellness I, and BEARS (mandatory college prep course). It’s a lot to cover, but the teachers give optional study sessions and help anyone who wants to prepare for the final.

It was a little weird going home for Thanksgiving. You definitely develop different habits, worries and language at the Academy than what you would at home. For instance, you get in trouble if your room (meaning your or your roommate’s side) is messy. Since I probably have the messiest room outside of the Academy, I’m a little worried about my transition back to cadet life after break. We also have the PFE (physical fitness exam) after break, so my love of Christmas cookies could potentially be a problem. Hopefully playing Just Dance 3 with my little sister will keep me in shape…

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