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The Grindstone

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 Alexis Chavarria-Aguilar As the fall semester begins to wind down, cadets teem with anticipation for Thanksgiving leave. This kind of suspense can affect people in a variety of different ways. Most people, caught up in the excitement of making plans, just keep chugging along. However, a handful of cadets tend to get impatient, becoming tense and cranky. I don’t blame them, but getting caught up in that kind of cynicism is not productive. Cadets cannot allow a pessimistic attitude get in their way; doing so has the potential to create poor habits and decreases overall performance. Keeping a positive mindset and setting short-term, achievable goals is the key to success around this time of year.

For me, this first semester has been quite the experience, and I am glad to finally see it coming to a close. With the halfway point rapidly approaching, I do my best to keep my priorities balanced. Thanksgiving leave will be a well-deserved break, but we’re not done yet. After we come back there is another week of school and then finals. During winter leave, we will be able to relax at home without any schoolwork lingering over our heads. Until then, our noses stay to the grindstone.

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