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Getting Ready to Go Home

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Sara Cantrell The official countdown is up and running! Only 8 more days until Thanksgiving leave and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. As much fun as I am having here at the Academy, Thanksgiving is a much-needed week off from the everyday rigorous lifestyle here. My parents were unable to make it up for Parents’ Weekend in October so Thanksgiving will be the first time since June 27th that I will get to see my family. This week will be tough to get through with the anticipation of going home, but with two tests I need to stay focused and push through. This month has flown by with test, projects, and diving (I have a feeling most months here will fly by). I had my first diving meet this past weekend against NYU and Wheaton College and placed third on both one meter and three meter. The corps also got a “long” this weekend for Veterans Day so it was nice to sleep away from the Academy.

This first semester has been pretty challenging for me. It is hard to get into a routine because there is so much going on all the time and some things pop up sporadically. I try as best I can to manage my time and get things done early, but sometimes the plan doesn’t work. It is weird to think that my first semester of college is almost over (we have one week before Thanksgiving, one week after Thanksgiving, and one week of finals left). With the holidays coming up the morale throughout the corps will be brought up, which will make things even better around here. It has just started to get dark around 4:30, which is a change for me. I love the fall weather; it’s not too cold and the leaves are changing colors and falling.

Two weekends ago the corps had a formal room and wing, which is where the 4/c stay up pretty late and clean all common areas (heads, dayrooms, P-ways, ladder wells, gear heads, laundry rooms, etc.) along with the whole corps cleaning their individual rooms extensively. This all happens on a Friday night after sports practice, then Saturday morning the corps gets inspected by the regimental staff and graded on how well each company cleaned their common spaces and rooms. We found out last week that Hotel Company won and we were all so happy that our hard work paid off and we were the best company. November has been a great month for me and next month will be even better with Christmas break, but for now its stay focused and get work done.

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