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It Blows My Mind

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  Sara Cantrell Well I can’t believe I’m already writing my February post! Only a couple more months of my 4/c year and then I will be off to my summer assignment. It blows my mind how fast this year has gone by. Last Sunday was 101st night and the tradition is that the 4/c endure two hours of Swab Summer again. We all formed up on the bulkhead at 1400 and “the games began.” It went by pretty fast which was good, but it definitely showed me how far I have come since June 27th when I reported in.

We have all had our first round of tests and they weren’t too bad. This semester has definitely been easier for me, not because of the classes (they are harder than last semester) but because I am settled into the lifestyle and have effectively mastered time management skills. As the year winds down, more and more extra stuff is pilling up. To get ready for 3/c year we have to complete a packet to show that we are qualified to take on the duty of JCDO. We also have to complete a packet for our boards and begin to study every night. It sounds overwhelming, but I’m taking it day by day and doing little pieces at a time.

This weekend is the first weekend that I haven’t had a swimming and diving meet, which is very nice. Since I have the time to take a break from homework and get out of the Academy I am going to go to my sponsor families’ house to hang out. Over the summer you will sign up for sponsor families (if you want one)…let me just say, I 100% recommend getting one. Sponsor families are great in so many ways, you have a house to go to if you want to relax on the weekend, most bake you treats and leave them in the watch office for you, and its nice to have that outlet outside of the Academy. Next weekend is NEWMAC championships at MIT and I am so excited to go! The swimming and diving team here is great and we will have a lot of fun. I am hoping to make it to finals on both boards, but we will see what happens.

Spring Break is a few weeks away and I cannot express how excited I am. I am bringing three friends home and we will be living at the beach (though not literally). My brother also has the same Spring Break and is bringing two friends home, so my parents will have a full house. It’s fun to be able to show your friends where you come from and what you use to do. Even though you are so close to everyone here it is hard to think about how they use to be before Swab Summer because you only see them in a uniform and there are not many options for things to do on the weekend. It will be fun, but I need to stay focused for these next three weeks and get through test and homework. Hope everyone is getting through second semester! As always if you have questions as the summer is quickly approaching feel free to email me!

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