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Our 4c Formal

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Wu Photo This weekend, on St. Patrick’s Day was the 4/c formal, which turned out to be very fun. It was less crowded compared to the whole Academy winter formal in December. At the 4/c formal, we got our class crest unveiled. I have been anticipating the design of the crest for the past week. I really like the 2015 class crest and how it will soon go up in the Leamy ballroom representing us alongside all the other classes. The weekend was a stress reliever from a hard week coming back from spring break. For one, our class has been having trouble performing as 4/c and we actually got one of our privileges revoked. It is the tough part of the semester where we are losing motivation, and the end of the semester and the end of being 4/c seems so close yet so far away. I feel myself impatiently waiting for the semester to end and for the huge sigh of relief that is waiting for me at the end of April. The weather is also getting warmer and all anyone wants to do is go outside and enjoy it instead of staying in the barracks and studying. I really hope the last seven weeks come and go and that we, as 4/c, get our summer assignments soon.


I am looking forward to having a hands-on experience this summer being on the Barque Eagle and then the cutter or at station that will get assigned to us for the second half of our summer. 3/c summer (while some of you readers might be participating in Swab Summer) consists of three parts: one being five weeks aboard the Barque Eagle traveling up and down the east coast, two being at a station or on a cutter and it can be anywhere (from Hawaii, to Alaska, Florida, Virginia, you name it), and third being the last three weeks of the summer is for our summer leave. There is so much coming up that the end of the semester seems like such a long wait, but at least we had our 4/c formal, which was a fun and successful event. I guess to make time go by a little quicker at the Academy, you have to make short-term goals and look forward to the little things that will keep you distracted as you inch closer to the summer.


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