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cadet blogs

Spring Semester!

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Duplessis Photo Spring semester has been full of ups and downs. 4/c are starting to take our Boards exams to earn certain privileges. We’ve taken two out of the three total exams (not including the actual Boards exam) and have achieved the 80% passing requirement (for our entire class) for only the first one. Since we failed the second requirement, we now have the chance to earn three privileges on the last exam if we pass it. These would include writing on whiteboards outside our rooms, playing music out loud, and the much sought after wardroom carry-on (a.k.a. looking at food when you eat!).


In more exciting news, we recently got back from spring break, which was awesome for me. A couple of guys in my company and I went to their house in Alabama, which I had never been to before. Although it was nice just to take a break from the Academy, it was the beautiful weather and awesome activities (canoeing, hiking, and hanging out with friends) that made the break fun.


Back in Connecticut, it seriously feels like winter has passed by in no time. Right now it’s about 60 degrees and humid! Craziness! Perfect timing for spring soccer and all of the other sports!


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