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Stress and Stress Relief

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Subramanian Photo Today, Fourth Class cadets received wardroom carry-on! Now, the great class of 2015 is allowed to look at their meal as they eat, as well as being able to socialize with their classmates. It is only the first step of privileges for us, signaling the final stretch of an exhilarating year! It’s difficult to believe that exactly eight months ago, we were finishing up Swab Summer, with famous Sea Trials.


Boards are next weekend. Boards, the final indoctrination test for fourth class, are meant to prepare us for service in the operational Coast Guard during the summer. We still have not received word of our assignment for this summer, but everyone is anxiously waiting. With schoolwork and military obligations, I find myself stressed. I skip daily workouts sometimes in order to catch up on work. For example, I did not attend a pick-up basketball game Monday because of extra Chemistry studying. Luckily, I did very well on the test Tuesday morning, and I got right back on track that afternoon in working out.


At the Academy, there are three stars that cadets can earn to place on their uniform with excellent grades, outstanding military performance, or strong athletic skills. For the first semester, I earned the gold star for my grades. With the star, a cadet earns a long weekend (leave Friday evening and return Sunday night). I visited friends from high school at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. It was my first time visiting a civilian school since joining the Coast Guard last June. While I enjoyed spending time with my friends and having fun, I do not regret my decision at the Academy. The open gyms, open fields, and plenty of things to do are equal. I have the opportunity to be in a small class, where my classmates are my best friends. I can go to my instructors, who know me by my first name and always want to help out in academics.


I plan on attending plenty of softball and baseball games this spring, as the weather gets nicer. I got to see the softball team beat Roger Williams University 12-5, in a forfeit game. I also saw the men’s baseball team lose a heartbreaker by one run to Wheaton College. I will keep you all posted for upcoming games that I attend!


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