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(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Cantrell Photo Privileges. What a great word. After ten months of squaring meals, listening to music through headphones, and writing notecards almost every time we leave our room, the fourth class were granted wardroom carry on, music out loud, and whiteboards on Wednesday. Wardroom carry on means that the fourth class are allowed to talk while they eat their food, look around, and not have to square. Basically eat normally. It seems simple, but when you get that taken away for nearly ten months it is an amazing privilege to get back. With these privileges motivating each and every one of us to push through the last two and a half weeks of school there is still much to accomplish.


This Saturday marks the date of the fourth class Boards, which is a test set up by the upper-class in which they test the fourth class knowledge of general Coast Guard information. Each fourth class is asked the same set of ten question relating to Coast Guard history, nautical flags, ranks and rates, distress signals, and much more and are only allowed to get two out of the ten wrong to pass. It is very nerve wracking, but I feel that the upper-class have been preparing us for this test ever since we reported in this summer and we will all do fine.


As I said earlier, summer is just around the corner and the “light at the end of the tunnel” is in full view. The fourth class have not found out what their summer assignments are for third class summer, but hopefully we find out in the next couple of days. I am really excited and nervous to know where I will be stationed for six weeks. With the end of the year quickly approaching we still have a lot to complete and stay focused on so that we can show the corps we are ready to take on the role of third class.


For anyone with last minute questions on what to pack for Swab Summer or what to expect, feel free to email me We will all be leaving at the beginning of May and it will be much harder to get a reply so I would recommend sending your questions sooner rather than later. Finish the end of the school year strong!


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