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cadet blogs

End of the Year

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Kekoa Photo If not for my Fundamentals of Navigation class, I would surely suffer as an officer in the Coast Guard. Luckily, my instructors have hours of meticulous work for my classmates and me. Due to the amount of plotting, charting, and graphing, my navigation homework has become a new hobby of mine. This class is great because I learn nautical knowledge, which directly applies to the fleet.


Anytime you can escape the crazy world of the Academy is a good time, and aside from exploring all that New London has to offer, my escape is boxing. From boxing, I have learned more about my limits and myself. I work to continuously expand them. This sport has brought many opportunities, including traveling to different states, meeting different people, and boxing in front of large crowds. Like boxing, sports at the Academy are a great way to release stress and raise morale and teamwork within the corps.


Walking in straight lines with rifles in long and black clothing sounds horrendous, but it is actually very rewarding. The sweat, tears, and aches of the corps' muscles are physical reminders of whom we are honoring. Despite the pain in your arms from holding your rifle, the nausea from being dehydrated, and the wet feeling in your black uniform, the best feeling is seeing the small honorees from across the field as a bead of salty sweat races in your eye.


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