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Idaho, Maine, Connecticut

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Bilodeau Photo I had three glorious weeks of leave this summer, half of which I spent in Idaho with my boyfriend and the other half in my home state of Maine. I could not have asked for better weather in either location. This summer I felt very adventurous on leave; I went zip lining, jet skiing, and hiking a few times. I went blueberry picking and boating; I saw my grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncle, and I ate my favorite Maine foods.


Now it is nearing the end of a relaxing time on leave and I am getting nervous to go back to school. It will take a little time to get into the swing of things. I am ready to get together with the volleyball team and practice hard for a great season. I am excited to see my friends and head to a new company with a new roommate and be on the forth floor in Hotel. I am not so ready for the academic stress and waking up at 0600 every morning but after a few days my body will remember how it feels.


I am glad it is finally 3/c year and I cannot wait to listen to music out loud, play the Wii after I finish my homework, and walk like a normal human through Chase Hall. It will be a great privilege to gain our rec gear and earn Friday night liberty. I am even excited to take more classes related to my major and really have a great start to 3/c year.


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