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cadet blogs

Earning Our White Shields

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
Rudy Photo I cannot even begin to describe how crazy it is to finally be a second class at the Academy. The summer began with 100th week, which was both challenging and rewarding. I will never forget petty officer Couch from Cape May, who would call “FIRE FIRE FIRE” and make us spring in boondockers all the way from the fourth floor to the parade field for nearly four hours straight! Echo Company definitely had the most physical week of training, and I think I was even more sore from one day of that than I was all of Swab Summer. Earning our white shields at the end of the week was one of the best and most rewarding moments at the Academy. I also enjoyed all of the confidence courses and leadership classes, I learned a lot from all of it, and I think it really prepared us to be cadre for the incoming class of 2016.


The next week of the summer, I had range, which was where all of our cadre section has to get qualified in pistol. I was really nervous and jumpy at first because it was so loud in the room and the kick was very hard. It took me four days to qualify, but with a lot of help, I got my qualification. The next week was Rules of the Road for ship handling, which I failed and will have to take again when the school year starts. During these two weeks, my cadre section was also responsible for preparing all the swab rooms and cleaning them as well as filling them with supplies. I then had leave, which I was ready for and I was extremely excited to go home one last time to Bulgaria, as my family moved back to Colorado this summer.


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