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Run Baby Run

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Wu Photo As the new academic year starts so does my cross country season. I loved running since my freshmen year in high school and this year I am looking forward to this new cross country season. This season will definitely be a challenge because of many factors of underpreparing for this season. I am coming into this season lacking the conditioning I got over Swab Summer and also an injury last spring. It is a lot harder to work back to the shape I was previously in, but I know what I am capable of and I am determined to slowly get back into shape and have a fun cross country season. I am excited to work hard and see where that leads me this season after this weekend’s meet.


The women’s cross country team had their first meet yesterday and we were able to place 3rd overall as a team! It was not the best race for any of us really, but it was not bad either. It was a solid race to start the season off with and I know I can only improve from here!


“Lace up your shoes, ay oh ay oh, Here’s how we do, RUN BABY RUN!”


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