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Midterms and Parents’ Weekend

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Cantrell Photo With the start of midterms and Parents’ Weekend over I can officially say…all good things must come to an end. This past weekend was Parents’ Weekend and I was lucky enough to have my mom fly up for a few days. My family didn’t come last year, so when my mom said she would come up I was very excited. She got in on Thursday night and was able to hang out with me on base for a few hours before I had diving practice. She also got to come to diving practice with me and watch, which was awesome because it’s been a year and a half since she’d last seen me dive. She left base right after diving practice because I had a couple of tests to study for, but Friday morning she was back to go to classes with me. It was very nice to be able to introduce her to my teachers and show her the types of courses I am taking. Friday night the swimming and diving team put on a blue and white meet for the parents, which was a good sneak peak to how the season will go. Saturday we all drilled and watched the football game and then my mom and I drove up to Boston for the night. Boston was a lot of fun! We walked around and talked, but it was nice to be away from the Academy and wearing civilian clothes. We had to say our goodbyes Sunday night :( it was a tough goodbye because I won’t see her until winter leave, but I know I can always Skype or call her.


This week is pretty hectic with midterms, but I have written out a schedule of what tests I need to study for each night and I know the weekend is only three more days away! The corps got off to a good start this month, and hopefully the energy and morale will continue throughout October. I’m taking full advantage of my last couple of weekends off before they become consumed with diving meets on Saturdays and homework days on Sundays. I feel like I write this every time, but with application deadlines getting closer if you have any questions feel free to ask! I hope everyone has a great month and finds a really awesome Halloween costume!


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