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Parents' Weekend at the Academy

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
Quintero Photo Every year around the beginning of October, family and friends of the corps are invited to visit the Academy. They are allowed to visit the barracks, classrooms and sport practices to get a feel for what this place is all about. My mom had dropped me off for CGAS orientation and R-Day, but I never had the chance to give her a tour of the Academy. So last weekend I was able to show her most of what the Academy has to offer. I took her to my morning classes, where surprisingly she didn’t fall asleep. In Probability and Statistics we went through a whole lesson, so I actually had to pay attention. After having lunch together with the other parents, I gave her a tour of the barracks and my room. After classes were over cadets are able to go out on liberty with family and friends so I took advantage of that and went out. The next day we had a parade for the parents, to show off our drill movements. Shortly after the parade all the parents and cadets were invited to attend the football game to cheer on the CGA Bears.


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