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Boxing the Coach

(Athletics, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Effendi Photo “Push me or I’m gonna push you,” says Tom, the boxing coach. This was my first day at boxing practice and first time boxing. We were learning stances and boy did I not know what I was doing. I had been a football player and everything I had learned, to be squared up so you can drive off both legs, was a hundred percent wrong. I needed to be small and contained, balanced.


I pushed him that day, to my relief. I learned a lot on my first day of boxing. I learned how to get into the proper stance, and how to throw a punch, but most importantly, I learned to not be bashful, especially around Tom.


Tom is not a guy that beats around the bush. He comes up to you and tells you what you have wrong, not in a mean way but in the way that you know you better get it right. For me, that was not the case. I just could not get my stance right and Tom came up to me and put my hand on his chest.


Tom tells me to push him. Dumbfounded I press, unsure of what I was doing, and had no sort of movement out of Tom. He then tells me that if I didn’t push him then he was going to push me. Tom is not a small guy and I did not want to get knocked down by him, on the first day of boxing, not even in the ring.


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