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Typical Sunday Night

(Just for Fun, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Miller PhotoIt’s currently 2011, or 8:11 p.m., on a Sunday night, and I’m spending it the way I spend most Sunday nights—doing homework. I always tell myself to actually do homework in advance, but on most Friday nights there’s an activity and on Saturday I always end up going out with friends.


Even though this is a military academy, we all try to have as much fun as possible. Last night some of my friends and I ended up seeing The Possession, which was decently good. Going out is nice; it kind of reminds me that there’s actual life outside of the Academy.


But even at the Academy we manage to have fun—I spent part of Friday night hanging out in a friend’s room. We spent most of the time laughing, and even though I knew friends in other colleges were probably out doing some slightly more interesting activities, it was a good time.


The same thing happened over Swab Summer, too—when we were given “personal development time” we’d all head into a room and just try and joke around and make the most of things. Just laughing and finding humor in stuff makes every situation better.


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