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Incredible Experiences

(Academics, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Roesch Photo Well, it is only the middle of October and I have already had some incredible experiences. In the middle of September I went to Air Station in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the pilot shadow program (thank you, Aviation Club!). It was one of the most amazing things I have done in my whole life! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to ride in a Jayhawk. Needless to say I am aiming for flight school when I graduate – but that is thinking really far ahead. The flight team and I flew to a local police and fire station’s open house BBQ in Cape Cod where we gave tours of the helo to the community. It was so great to have the locals come up to me and thank me for my service. All they could say was how much they appreciated the Coast Guard and all we do to protect the country and our oceans. I also happened to be the only female in that flight, so many of the women who toured the helo were impressed and gave me words of encouragement. Coast Guard aviation is definitely an awesome job to look into.


Then just this past weekend I went to New York City with the Glee Club to sing at the Coast Guard Foundation dinner. That was so much fun! I felt famous walking into the Marriott Marquis in Times Square having a dressing room reserved for us – talk about cool, right? We also got the chance to walk around the city before we performed which was nice, especially as a 4/c. Having these opportunities to get off campus and have fun is definitely a good way to relax from the demanding life that the Academy presents.


Recently, we got midterm grades – I have all A’s and B’s! I honestly can say that my grades would have not been this good had I not gone to prep school. Having the prior knowledge in Chemistry and Calculus takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders allowing for more time to study other subjects and make time for sports and clubs. I know this sounds so cliché, but time management is CRUCIAL here. You need to figure out how to balance your life with school, military obligations, sports, and things that make you happy to keep you motivated.


As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to email me. I will gladly write back and give you open and honest answers: Good luck to all those applying for the class of 2017! The class of 2016 can’t wait for your arrival… :)


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